So I was going to choose Tiffany’s suggestion of eating cereal for dinner because I love cereal and I have a lot of thoughts on the subject matter. However, I just did a post on smoothies which I feel equally passionate about and is also a food.bright teeth 2

Instead I will use Jason’s suggestion:

“OK…do you remember that late 80s/early 90s girl group Wilson Phillips? I still love their music.”

I do indeed remember Wilson Phillips. They were featured on the VHS tape my siblings and I made during mostly the summer of ’92 of our favorite music videos. I recently found it with a bunch of other tapes of things I found important in that era, like the Saved By the Bell made for TV movie. It’s the one where they have to save an island on Hawaii. Zach has a devilish plan and Screech screws it up. You may have seen that story line before.

But, aaah, yes Wilson Phillips the group with the hot blonde girl, the heavy set dark haired girl, and the othery other girl. “Don’t you know, things can change, things can go your way if you ho-old on for one more day. If you ho-old on…(ooh things will go your way)…hold on for one more day.” By the way, that was all from memory. I believe that song (Hold On) was sandwiched in between “Opposites Attract” by Paula Abdul featuring MC Skat Cat and “2 Legit 2 Quit” by M.C. Hammer.

Now Hammer was a guy an eighth grader can really get behind. 2 Legit may not have even been the best song on the album. My money would be on “Rollin’ On.” That song and Legit would be the songs I would listen to/watch before school on basketball game days to get myself fired up. It was difficult for the fire to remain ‘up’ when I still had the entire school day ahead of me. But the fire would remain through Mr Jens’ American History II class. He had an unfortunate lisp and a name ending in ‘s’. It would still flicker through study hall and the intimidating gaze of Mrs. Parker and still be alit when I when to my locker at the end of the day. My combination was 15-21-30. Yeah, weird that I know that. My locker was right next to Jeremy Hoyt, who you may know as the freckly jerk who popped the airpads in my Nike Air shoes one day when we decided to trade shoes. Life lesson: Don’t ever trade shoes with a guy named Hoyt.

Made up song titles that sound like they could be by Wilson Phillips:

“Love Waits for You”

“Waves of my Heart”

“My Lover, My Friend”

Song titles they could have had:

“Why are we Always on a Beach?”

“Our Band Name Sounds Like a Parent Company”

“Gastric Bypass my Sorrow”

So my first two posts have revolved around eighth grade. I swear I’ll expand from there.

Next question:

“What street name do you live on, or have you lived on?”

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4 responses »

  1. brian says:

    I live on Walnut now. I used to live on US Highway 61. So when someone asked what my “porn name” would be (pet name + street you live on), mine turned out to be Milo US Highway 61.

    Sounds like something Frank Zappa would name.

  2. Tiffany says:

    I totally loved Paula Abdul and MC Hammer, but what kind of nerd listens to Wilson Phillips at such a young age?! 😛

    The street I just moved to is Berkeley, which always seems to me to be spelled wrong.

  3. Leah says:

    I proof read your entries and there are typos. I feel like since this is like one of your improvised monologues, though, I shouldn’t point them out and just let this be as organic as possible.

    Why would you ever trade shoes with anyone?

    The first three years of my life I lived on Canterberry, then I grew up on Sagamore, the first place I had down here I lived on Whitehall, and now I live on Ingram Mill.

  4. Mitch says:

    Hampton, with you.

    Before that there was Pickwick, Roanoke, and Canteburry. Different than Leah’s street Canterberry.

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