I swear I’m getting back on the posting everyday train. Today is my wedding anniversary and I’m posting, so this one is worth two.

I’ve decided to try a new project. I left the sunroof in my car open last week and it thunderstormed so I ruined the microrecorder that I use for interviews for my magazine articles. It forced me to buy a new one. This may have been a blessing in disguise, because my new one is awesome and is really high quality and I can upload the audio to my computer. So I thought, “I need to use this somehow.” big chair

I have created a project called, “The Best Story Ever.” At least that’s the name for it now. The idea behind it is that everyone has one or two stories that are their best stories. So, I will casually interview somebody as they describe for me their story. It will be short and fun or short and sad, or short and poignant, but hopefully short and entertaining. Then, I will link to it on the website. Hopefully I will do this once a week so you can get your interview/story fix since you can only see the show once a month.

For my first interview I chose Cassidy Miller who is my intern for the summer at work. She’s always telling great stories and this one might be the Best Story Ever. Click below, then click ‘download.’

 Best Story Ever

(I haven’t figured out the best way to make the audio easily accessible, so bear with me while I figure it out. If you have any suggestions let me know.)

For the last prompt I asked: What is located 90 degrees to the right of your computer screen?

I will use Heather’s answer:


“Well, once again I’ve gone and started reading your blog without my protractor, but, by my best guess it’s a lamp made out of a sewing machine.”


Heather it sounds like you live in some sort of fantasy home. That means that you should have a protractor, and a compass, and graphing paper. A lamp made out of a sewing machine? Does the sewing machine still work? Does the lamp work? You know, that makes me think that there are a lot more everyday items that could be combined together to make something even cooler.

1. Toaster/Toilet paper dispenser. This handy item would be located next to the toilet. As a fully functional toaster you would have the ability to have a snack during the times you find yourself sitting for what feels like the length of a brunch or lupper. The device also uses the spring action of the toaster to launch the toilet paper to you when needed. Before use, just make sure you have the proper item in hand.

2. Ceiling fan/clothes dryer. This only makes sense. Why do we have two separate machines for these? The new contraption will have hangers on each blade.

3. Bug zapper/remote control. This would be a regular remote control. Except, when you leave the room you can press the BZ button and if someone attempts to change channels away from CMT then they go the way of the junebug.

4. Garage door opener/back scratcher. Tired of doing any movement at all? Yeah, me too. All you have to do is attach a standard back scratcher to the base of the garage door, stand underneath/in front of the door and have your significant other repeatedly press the garage door button.

5. Sink faucet/bidet. Who says they have to be two separate devices?

6. Carpet/napkin. I combine these two all the time already.

Next prompt: What are the last words you shouted?

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I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

3 responses »

  1. Amanda says:

    Every morning I shout a not very nice word to my alarm clock. It starts with an “f.”

  2. allan says:

    “Everyone to the left please, everyone stay to your left hand side!” or wait, maybe it was “Oscar, your bagel and coffee are ready!” i shout a lot while working. . .

  3. Jenn Rogers says:

    Bennett Rogers, age 6, and probably your youngest reader, just yelled “Don’t say it, don’t even mention that word to me!” regarding my use of the word “school.”

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