Congratulations Allan! You were the 100th comment posted on the blog! Sirens and whistles and streamers and glitter and confetti and those noisemakers you blow into and dancing ladies and Benjamin Franklin are all dancing around my laptop. It’s a momentous day. For being the 100th comment you get a homemade shoulder massage coupon redeemable at anytime. If you see somebody you would like to rub your shoulders, feel free to demand a massage.

Back when this blog was born on May 10th, I said to it, “Someday you’re going to grow up to be a blog with hundreds of comments.” Well, it’s bittersweet. It’s grown up so fast, right in front of my eyes. At the same time, I feel like it’s old enough now that we have a lot in common and have become friends. Here’s an interesting stat: Based on the number of views of the site, we could one comment for every 23 views. That’s probably a pretty good ratio.

For the last prompt I asked: What was your favorite food growing up?

Of course I will use the 100th comment from Allan:


“your previous post lost out to harry potter and the half blood prince, both of whom i believe enjoyed butter beer as children.

however, avoiding magical things with great success i grew up craving and devouring cantaloupe at every opportunity.”


Aaaah, canteloupe. The most ubiquitous of all the fruits. The first thing that comes to mind is a line that I was reminded of this very morning. In a classic Saved By the Bell episode, Mr. Belding is trying to convince Screech not to marry Kelly, who he erroneously thinks Screech is dating. Mr. Belding says, “Screech, you can’t elope!” Screech replies, “Who are you calling a canteloupe? You melonhead!”

There are many things that when I hear them act as a trigger for something random like that in the past. Whenever I hear the word canteloupe, that is what I think. Canteloupe is closely related to the honeydew melon, or as I said when I was a kid, honeymoon melon.


Here are some good ways to think about canteloupe:

Canteloupe is like the pen you got from your insurance agent. It’s always around, but you don’t like it very much.

Canteloupe is like 5k fun run t-shirt. It’s usually free and a last resort.

Canteloupe is like PBS  It’s usually only on when there are people over and you want to impress them…a little bit.

Canteloupe is like Martin Sheen. It’s got seeds, but they’re harmless.

Canteloupe is like Dick Cheney. It’s hard and round on the outside, but when you squeeze it you can tell that it’s actually orange and sweet in the middle.

Canteloupe is like your aunt with the bad breath. You always end up sitting awkwardly next to it at potlucks.

Canteloupe is like a diabetic. Neither of them should be allowed near Jolly Ranchers.

Canteloupe is like honeydew melon. Because they’re similar.


Next prompt: What is the last thing you bought online?


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5 responses »

  1. allan says:

    incredibly, the last thing i bought online was related to fruit puns. is an incredible source of clever tshirts. the last one i bought had the graphic of a kiwi bird standing beside a sliced open kiwi fruit. the bird has a small tear falling from its eye (meaning is open for interpretation).

  2. allan says:

    the last thing i bought online is also associated with fruit. sells incredibly clever shirts every day. my last online purchase was a tshirt with a graphic of a crying kiwi bird standing beside a sliced open kiwi fruit (meaning is open to interpretation).

  3. habitgirl says:

    I just bought some photo prints from snapfish – which is a bit mundane perhaps, but, they were photos of 30 or 40 headstones belonging to deceased members of my extended family. For some reason the alive portion of my family just took a vacation that involved a tour of all the dead parts. And I thought, “Hey, when you visit family you should take pictures.” -Heather

  4. Leora says:

    The last thing I bought online were headphones with an am-fm radio for (yes) your father. He took them in to Best Buy with the duct tape and dangling ear pieces to see if they had some like it. Well no, but the young guy waiting on us was very politically correct about saying he had never seen anything quite like them. We bought a used pair from Amazon.

  5. Jason says:

    I bought a domain name because the picture of Danica Patrick compelled me.

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