I did not post on Friday. I apologize to my fan. I just found out that I’m going to be able to go up for the semifinals for the stand up competition in Denver. I entered it while I was out there for a work conference. I didn’t think I’d be able to go back again, but it just so happens that my family is going out there for vacation in a couple of weeks. If I were to make the finals, that might be more difficult. The stars are aligning. So, yeah, this is a Denver comedy quality blog.bright teeth 2

For the last prompt I asked: What are you usually doing at 3:00 pm? (Although, I did neglect to include the “you” in the original post. I will use Ty’s answer:


“Heard you on the radio this morning. We have been to the skinny improv several times and love the show. You guys are awesome! In connection to the post. Is it supposed to be “What are you usually doing at 3:00 p.m.?” B/c if that is the case, that is the time I always check my phone to see what time it is. Reasoning it has to be close to 5:00 but being rudely awakened to the fact that the afternoon is nowhere near over! If the question is “What are usually doing at 3:00 pm?” , then I’m not sure, I don’t know any “usuallys” I would imagine though that they have OCD and stick to a routine (thus the name). So if you find out what one “usually” does then you will probably know what the rest do as well.
Have a great day!”


Tim was the first to point out my typo, so he wins. It was very tempting to choose Allan’s because of the last line of his comment, but Ty is new to the blog. I wonder how many times a day I look at my phone. I really should try to keep track. I think everyone has a love/hate relationship with their phones. I bet watches really hate phones though. I vaguely remember watches. Watches are kind of like celebrities from the ’80’s. You feel nostalgic about them, and every once in awhile you see them and get excited.


I can picture a watch sitting by himself at an Olive Garden.

Watch: “Yeah, I’ll just take the unlimited salad and breadsticks. Can I throw some wine in there too? I’m trying to forget some stuff.”

Waiter: “No, I’m sorry sir, we can’t do that.”

Watch: Oh yeah? Fine! Just get me my food. By the time it gets here it might be fermented enough to give me a buzz!”

Nick and Sheila notice Watch across the way

Nick: Is that him? No way!”

Sheila: Who?

Nick: The dude over there. That’s a watch!

Sheila: Nope, it’s too small

Nick: No, I’m telling you, that’s a watch

Sheila: Go say something to him

Nick: Fine

Nick walks over to watch

Nick: You may get this a lot, but are you a watch? Sorry, if you’re busy I don’t have to…

Watch: No man, you’re right. It’s me. I’m a watch. La Di Freakin Da.

Nick: Oh, that’s so cool! My parent’s loved you. They talk about you all the time.

Watch: Oh, cool. I’m just trying to enjoy my lunch.

Nick: Oh. Oh. Okay. Hey, real quick, can you. Sorry. Can you just do the alarm beep for me one time? I just want to tell my friends. This is so cool, I can’t believe it man.

Watch: I don’t really do that anymore.

Nick: Oh come on. Just once.

Watch: Beep Be-beep. Beep Beep Beep. Be Beep

Nick: Oh, yes! That’s it! It’s so weird to hear that in person! Do you mind if I invite my girl over! Sheila! Sheila get over here!

Sheila: Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it’s you. My dad used to have like eight of you. He even had a calculator one.

Watch: Thanks, babe.

Sheila: Wait. Can you do one thing for me? Will you Indiglo? Please, please, please.

Watch: I don’t know. It gives me a headache.

Sheila: Please

Watch glows green.

Nick and Sheila: Yes! That’s it!

Watch: So, what are you doing with a tool like this?

Sheila: What?

Watch: Look at this guy. You could do much better. I’m just sayin’.

Nick: Hey man, lay off

Watch: I’m just saying, she really hits my SET button for a long time. I’m flashing the seconds right now.

Nick: Not cool dude. Not cool.

Sheila: This guy’s a creep.

Watch: Fine, walk away. Screw you guys! Don’t come crawling back when your iphone batteries wear out! Oh, I’ll tell you what time it is! I’ll tell you what time it is right up your…

Sheila and Nick leave the restaurant

Watch (to nobody in particular): I used to be somebody! Everybody wanted me. Remember Swatch watches? Anyone? I see you still use clocks, people! I’m a miniature, hip version of the clock. I used to be hip. Beep Beep. Oh, hey, what do ya know? It’s twelve o’clock people! Don’t forget who told you that! Nice naked wrists, idiots!

Watch weeps and eats more breadsticks.

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