Sorry I haven’t posted. I apologize to my fan. I was at Lollapalooza in Chicago rocking out. You’re not supposed to post that you’re out of town or scary people will steal things from your house. I’ll post twice today to make up for it.MH Word

The Season 4 Premier of The Mystery Hour is Friday night! Here’s the info:

It’s time for the Season Four premier of The Mystery Hour! That’s right, it’s the start of our senior year and we are planning on ruling the school. So, look out freshman, we’re going to be giving out wedgies and doing some locker stuffing. It’s hard to believe it will be the start of the fourth season. It seems like just yesterday that we were awkward and didn’t know what we were doing. Yep, that’s still how it feels.

We’ve got a great show! Here is the info:

Friday, August 14th
10:15 pm
Skinny Improv Comedy Theatre

BRAD NOBLE, Internationally renowned artist who calls Springfield home

ALLEN MARSH, Accomplished film and commercial actor

THE SCRIBBLES, Amazing musical guest made up of twelve year olds

Plus, a brand new intro video and sketches from your favorite Skinny Improv actors

Tickets are still only $5.00

You can get reservations online at

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I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

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