Holy Cow! The Season 4 Premier of The Mystery Hour is tomorrow night! Look at the cool guests———>

Here is a video of the band, The Scribbles that will be playing.

Plus, starting tomorrow my wardrobe will be provided by Staxx Apparel. It’s probably Springfield’s coolest clothing store, and it’s downtown. So, I may look less like a hobo than usual. I’ll try to get some clothes that match my skin tone, or lack there of.

For the last prompt I asked: What is a show that you love, but are ashamed to love?

I will use Jason’s answer:


“Man…I’m going to miss going to the Mystery Hour.

Anyway…I’d have to say my favorite show I’m shamed to love is More To Love. I only watch it because it seems to be the low point of American television…”hey, let’s do the bachelor only with fat chicks!”


First, let me say, Jason is going to miss the Mystery Hour because he moved, not because the Mystery Hour is going anywhere. Life is about sacrifices and Jason had to, unfortunately, sacrifice his favorite non televised, local, monthly late night talk show. I have seen the ads for ‘More to Love.’ I would say your explanation for the show is right on. I’m thinking that next I will do a list of bad ideas for reality shows. This may prove difficult, as most of the really bad ideas have been done. But, here we go.


Bad ideas for reality television shows:

Survivor 2. What’s that? The original is still on the air? No way. I haven’t watched that show in nearly a decade. Seriously? Okay.

Town Hallz. Contestants are put into a room for 3 weeks and all they can do is talk about healthcare. In the greatest twist of irony yet in reality TV, the winner is the one contestant who doesn’t need medical care at the end of the 3 weeks. Irony #2, the network does not provide healthcare.

The Cubicle. 8 cameras are mounted on one man’s cubicle as he works throughout the day. Oh, and he has a tiger for a boss. There is a lot of pressure for him to perform well.

The Not So Amazing Race. Geriatric contestants must race from one Golden Corral to another on their Rascal scooters. The contestant(s) who is not in bed by 4 pm is eliminated.

The Podiatrist. A podiatrist is followed by cameras as he/she works on bunyons, corns, callouses, hammertoes…I just threw up in my mouth.

I Touched Ben Savage. Contestants are given the task of seeing how many times in six months they are able to touch Ben Savage, former star of Boy Meets World. Ben Savage is unaware there is a show being filmed.

Jeff Houghton’s New BFF. He is just a lonely man.

So You Think You Can Dance-Supreme Court Edition. Supreme Court justices are the ones being cross examined in this dancing show. Will Sotomayer get lucky and pick the salsa? How will John Roberts do in hip hop?

Back 2 School. Younger looking middle age people are given the chance to relive 7th grade. But, will they be found out by their peers that they are so desperate to please? Will they remember their locker combination?

Take Your Daughter to Highly Classified Work Day. It will air after Back 2 School. People in high government positions take their young daughters to work for one day and the daughters have full reign over all the parent’s highly classified work responsibilities. Will the government begin a War on Bad Hairor? How many texts will overseas diplomats get?

Watching According to Jim Watching According to Jim. This show features a man watching a video of another man According to Jim.

Next prompt: Where is the worst place you have traveled?

About jeffhoughton

I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

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  1. Allan says:

    You know, I have enjoyed most of my traveling adventures that it seems impossible to pick out a specific “worst place” that I’ve visited.

    However, I don’t remember my experience driving through Idaho with my family, so I suppose the absolute mind-numbing mediocrity of the Idaho landscape must have been so bad that my brain recorded over it with something awesome; like the exciting thunderstorm over the summer baked Arizona desert. . . (I like to think of my brain cells as unlabeled VHS tapes and my senses as a VCR. . .it may be outdated, but it makes it easier to defend when I don’t remember important events or the names of people)

  2. Love the Scribbles…good luck!

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