I just got one of the coolest guests ever booked for The Mystery Hour. It is for the next show, Friday, September 4th. He is the winningest freestyle motorcrosser in history. His name is Cowboy Kenny Bertram. Look at all the stuff he’s done! He’s been on the Tonight Show, all over CMT, in the movie the Fantastic Four, he’s a 10 time medalist in the X Games and the Gravity Games. I don’t think people told him what a crappy show we have, but so be it, he’s coming!

Here’s a video:

Yeah, it’s this guy that’s coming:


I don’t have too much time today to post much. I’ll get to the suggestions from the last post on Monday. One of my favorite things to do is to see what people searched for to find this website. I’ve posted about this once before and I find it very exciting to see what brought people here and just how disappointed they are when they get here.

“huge amanda dominate a skinny dude”

-This appeared the last time and appeared once again. Apparently, somebody just can’t get enough of Huge Amanda. You got to feel bad for the skinny dude at this point. Since I included it last time I posted about searches, the guy must have found this website again. Disappointment level: Throw the mouse in anger, with permission.

“they couldn’t move their feet”

-I’m guessing this search was done to find out about quicksand, or a small avalanche, or foot asleepedness. It is also a very particular search. Disappointment level: Teeth snarl.

“canteloupe beer”

-I don’t know if this exists, but it sure doesn’t exist here. Is this beer stored in a melon? Or is it beer made from canteloupe juices? It sounds like it should be at an AA potluck next to the potato salad.  Disappointment level: Sobering thoughts.

“le mutt stuffed animal”

-Aaaah, the French. What are you going to do? Disappointment level: Zut alors!


-Strangely, somebody was searching for the same disease that I am nearly guaranteed to get at some point. Or, maybe it was melanoma searching for me. Disappointment level: SPF 50.

“don’t like canteloupe”

-Here, here! Disapointment level: The same as when you bite into a canteloupe.


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I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

6 responses »

  1. Michelle says:

    i think this may have been my favorite post thus far… you’re hillarious (and yes, I am biased).

  2. Amanda says:

    I would like you and your readers to know that I am not the “Huge Amanda” referenced above. At least, I hope I’m not. But it is probably my frequent comments that direct searches here…

  3. sarahj83 says:

    someone got to my blog TWICE by searching “hot ghetto mess photos”. I would like to assert that i have not once been a hot ghetto mess.

  4. allan says:

    the free form presented by the lack of comment prompt is incredible. just how many people are going to reach the bottom of the post and like the poor soul seeking out huge amanda will discover great disappointment.

    i was given a fist bump today by an old man informing me that i am lucky to bea skinny dude because the heat doesn’t dominate me as much.

    i think i got it. like a vocab assignment where you write a story with all thewords on the list. . . .

  5. Shanners says:

    Cowboy Kenny is AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to see him here in Springfield. 🙂 Now you’re just that much closer to having a REAL TV show! 🙂

  6. Speedy Gonzales says:

    COWBOY KENNY!! He is currently doing the Supercross Series. I cannot wait to see this guy on the show! A must see show!

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