The September show made like a kidney stone and arrived and then passed with unhappy groans and relief. Actually, it was a ton of fun. We had every seat taken and people sitting on the stage. We even had a new, unsanctioned balcony section for Skinny performers (they’re less likely to sue in the event of falling through the floor/ceiling). Yakov was his funny self and ‘Cowboy’ Kenny Bartram was awesome as well. J.W. Grisbee wowed the crowd once again with his music. Jeff Junior

Our next show should be great in October. Our guests are going to be Todd Parnell, the president of Drury University and Tom Trtan, the KSFX morning and weather expert.

For the last prompt I asked: When you were a kid, what did you imagine you would be doing at the age you are now?

I will use Michelle’s answer:


“wa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! I love it! I wish that I have been here longer to try some of these shenanigans (no clue how to spell that).

I imagined myself to be tall and sleek and a business woman who has a mean dancing/singing streak in her when the time is just right– like the lady in Singing in the Rain.”


It’s kind of sad that almost all of us would be disappointing our childhood selves with what we do with our lives now. Were expectations too high? Are we failures? Did life get in the way? Yes. Although, I’m sure there is an astronaut businessman baseball player who can’t relate at all to what I’m talking about.


Here is a conversation I imagine between myself now at 30 and my 8 year old self. Current Jeff is CJ and Young Jeff is YJ.

CJ: Hey, buddy. How are you doing?

YJ: Good. Wait, why are you in my backyard?

CJ: Or is it my backyard?

YJ: Mom…

CJ: No, there’s no need for that. It’s me. You’re me. We’re me. I’m you.

YJ: Why do you smell like Better Cheddars?

CJ: They have those in the future too.

YJ: Wait, you’re from the future?

CJ: Yep. I’m you 22 years in the future.

YJ: Oh cool! For the sake of this blog post I’ll just believe you right away.

CJ: Good. Jeff, I came to talk to you about how you’re turning out in the future.

YJ: Is it bad? Do I lose my job? Do cars fly? Do my teeth fall out?

CJ: No, you have a job. Cars don’t fly. Your teeth don’t fall out. In fact, at 28 you get braces and your teeth look even better.

YJ: Really? Why didn’t I get them when I was in junior high like everyone else? Wouldn’t it be embarassing to have braces when you’re an adult?

CJ: Nope, in the future a lot of adults have braces. They call it ‘bettering themselves,’ but really they wish they had gotten them when they were kids.

YJ: So, do I play in the NBA?

CJ: No, you quit after freshman year.

YJ: Major Leagues?

CJ: Nope. You’re afraid of the ball.

YJ: That’s true.

YJ: Am I still at least fast?

CJ: Like a cheetah.

YJ: Really?

CJ: No.

YJ: What kind of a job do I have?

CJ: You work at a blood center and you host a local, non televised, late night talk show, and you do improv comedy.

YJ: Gross.

CJ: Blood’s not gross, it’s actually very helpful. It helps save lives. You get to play a part in that.

YJ: I was talking about the other stuff.

CJ: No, it’s great. You know how you’re kind of shy right now? You grow out of that. And, eventually the size of your head is proportionate to the size of your ears.

YJ: Are you picking on me?

CJ: No, I’m trying to be encouraging. You just don’t understand that there are things like health insurance to consider, and saving money, and getting married.

YJ: Oh, are you married? Is she hot? Do you have any kids?

CJ: Yeah, buddy I am married. Yes she is hot. No, we don’t have any kids yet.

YJ: Boy, it sounds like a lot of things didn’t work out for you.

CJ: Yeah, but a lot of things did.

YJ: Man, it’s too bad I end up like you. I wish the president would address the school children of America and tell them to follow through on their dreams and gain skills and stay in school and study hard.

CJ: Oh, I wasn’t expecting that. How topical.

Next prompt: What was the name of a friend of yours who moved away?


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I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

5 responses »

  1. Allan says:

    Luke. His whole family moved to Hawaii where they became even more awesome and beautiful as the sun slowly baked them into tanned, toned surfing individuals. The only way he could have left and become more awesome is if he flew away in a quarter shaped spacecraft embarking on an epic journey that culminated in a spiritual awakening of superpowers, the destruction of a planet-sized super weapon and a super awkward realization that he kissed his sister. . .twice.

  2. Amanda says:

    If we’re talking about when we were young, then I am actually the friend that moved away. My family moved from Minnesota to Missouri when I was 13.

    But don’t even get me started on the number of friends who moved away after college. 😦

  3. Dan says:

    My childhood and still current best friend, Jonathan. He moved to Chicago after college, after both of us moved to Missouri for college, after both of us lived in Pittsburgh for all the time leading up to college.

    I never call him Jonathan, though. I, and several friends from home, spell his name Jo-nathan, and call him such as well. It’s pronounced Joe Nathan.

    Reason being, his older brother’s name is Nathan, so at some point in junior high, we came to the realization that his parents weren’t creative with his name and simply added a “Jo” to the front of Nathan.

    Everyone in Chicago knows him as Jon.

  4. Matt says:

    My friend Brent moved to Forsyth after third grade. He wrote me a letter that he had named his new cat after me. I saw him a few times, because Forsyth isn’t all that far. Now that I think about it, the cat thing was a little weird.

  5. Jenn Rogers says:

    I like Dan’s answer. I wish I had someone who I could call Joe-Nathan. So fun.

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