tyjeffSeptember 10, 2009

I’m going to start out by putting the date of the post up in each post. That way when someone new looks at the website they will see that it has been recently updated. Otherwise, they may think that my ramblings are from a year ago. This is the longest I have ever consistently stuck with something, so I’m going to flaunt it.

For the last prompt I asked: What is the name of a friend of yours who moved away?

I’ll use Matt’s answer:


“My friend Brent moved to Forsyth after third grade. He wrote me a letter that he had named his new cat after me. I saw him a few times, because Forsyth isn’t all that far. Now that I think about it, the cat thing was a little weird.”


This was a hard choice, there were many excellent answers. Allan, it took me awhile to see that your’s was a Star Wars reference. I just figured that you had gone crazy. Matt, I liked your post for a couple of reasons. One, it mentioned writing a letter, how quaint. Two, it mentioned cats. I dislike cats greatly.

My disdain for cats began a long long time ago within the histamine region of my sinuses, if there is such a place. Basically, I was really allergic to cats. When I was a kid we would have to plan extended family get togethers around which family had cats. Plus, I have this strange phobia of cats jumping on my face. One jumps on my face and I try to rip it off while I can’t see anything. I also have a phobia of furry things in my mouth, like paper towels, tennis balls, and apparently, cats. Cats are so creepy and independent and gossipy (I assume).


Here is a list of bad cat names:

-Jermaine, the cat.

-Mr. Cuddlesworth. Cats are the only things that you can add a pronoun prefix to and it’s acceptable.

-Claritin D. It sounds like a cat’s name, but gives kids the proper warning for the medicine they need. You could even add the dosage. Claritin D 50 Mg Tablet.

-Professor Dander

-Sheila the Creepy Creeper


-Ug Boots. Like the common ‘Boots,’ but with a trendy twist.

-Timex. For the cat who’s eyes glow Indiglo

-Catrick Duffy. This name is for the occasion when a cat happens to look like Step by Step star Patrick Duffy.


Top things you would only hear a cat owner say:

– Oh look! Darrell pooped in a box that we leave in the living room.

-I love things that don’t love me back.

-That furry beast is sneakily plotting my demise, but I love him all the more for it.

-Jenksie has been gone for four months, but it’s okay, when he wants to, he’ll come back.

-Everyone else is going to a party, I guess I wasn’t invited.

Next prompt: What is the last thing you recorded on a VCR?


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6 responses »

  1. Allan says:

    I loved recording things on VCR. I kept myself quite busy in High School and yet still wanted to keep up on all of the “great” shows on tv. Thus, I had to record everything on a VCR tape dedicated to the capturing and replaying of television greatness. Now what shows did I deem to good to miss? Smallville and Dark Angel. Oh man, I wish I knew then that a superhero soap opera and a genetically engineered Jessica Alba weren’t actually worth recording on VCR. I imagine my grandchildren will bear great shame because of my poor choice in television recording and belated viewing.

  2. Dan says:

    I’m really just thrilled by your apparent lack of shame in blatantly making fun of Sarah.

  3. sarahj83 says:

    I’m hoping the “Jenksie” reference is for me. You know I heart cats. You’ve seen the sweatshirt, people.

    Hmmm VCR… I honestly can’t remember…though I did catch a few minutes of FULL HOUSE today on my lunch-break.
    MAN is that show awful now that I’m not 8.

  4. Amanda says:

    I think it was just a few years ago I used a VCR to record shows. Hooking a VCR up to a satellite box is probably one of the hardest things, ever. I recorded shows such as Lost and Project Runway. These days, though I don’t have a DVR yet, I do have a DVD recorder. I still use it to record shows such as Lost and Project Runway.

  5. Shanners says:

    I’m allergic to cats, too – but I still love them. 🙂 We just keep ours outside now. I think her feelings are hurt and she doesn’t understand why she’s not allowed inside. But, since she’s a cat – she manages to sneak in quite often anytime someone opens the door. I wonder if it hurts her feelings even more to be repeatedly kicked out over and over. ??
    On the VCR – I think the last thing I recorded was the gymnastics competitions in the Olympics. I never seemed to be home w/ they were on, but it’s my fav. sport to watch. I wanted to be an Olympic gymnast when I was a kid. I was very upset when I grew taller than Mary Lou Retton’s 4’9″. 😦

  6. Speedy Gonzales says:

    LIke Shanners said, our cat stays outside. I forget that I am even a cat owner when people ask, then the kids are sure to correct me. Sarah, I like the name Jinksie, awesome!


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