It’s tonight! It really is! Be there! Scroll down to find out about what searches are bringing people to this website. n34308998_34718619_1171

The leaves are beginning to fall and the air is getting crisp. You know what that means, it’s autumn. Oh yeah, it’s also time for the October Mystery Hour, or as we like to call it, Talktoberfest…because it’s a talk show…you know, like talk sounds like Oct…hopefully the show will be better than that one. Do not miss this show! People will be talking about it for several minutes afterwards!

Here’s the info:

The Mystery Hour

Friday, October 2nd

10:15 PM

Skinny Improv Comedy Theater

 Guests: TODD PARNELL, very interesting Drury University President

TOM TRTAN, the mustachioed weatherman from KSFX

MY POLITIC, great musical guest

Plus the great comedy bits featuring the Skinny Improv players

Tickets $7.00.

RSVP online at


Now it’s time for my semi-random list of search engine terms that have brought people to this website. These are fun and random and weird.

“adult braces hot” This is self explanatory as to why this search brought someone to this website.

“matching tattoos for cousins”  This is something you really need to think twice about before doing…or three times…or never…or only if you are planning on getting tattoos of your shared grandparents’ faces.

“full-house reunion september-2009” I’m happy to know that this website is the home for all Full House-centric inquiries. Maybe the producers will find the post and I will be hired to write the reunion show.

“skittles and chewing tobacco” Taste the rainbow of your own vomit.

“gogurt marketing” I think the product speaks for itself and doesn’t need any marketing. Although, if it did need marketing, here are some good slogans: “Gogurt, it’s yogurt on the go! You didn’t need those pants anyway!” “It’s like regular yogurt, but somehow doesn’t need refrigeration! Say goodbye to your colon!”


About jeffhoughton

I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

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  1. allan says:

    yogurt is a weird name also. put it with gogurt and it seems like you are shouting salutations and orders with an obsessive need to call out an unusual first name; “yo! gurt! go! gurt!” i guess gurt could be an awesome spokesman. . .

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