Unfortunately, I do not have time to put thought into a new post today. Instead, I will update you on the  Things I’ve Noticed segment from the last two shows. I will respond to my last prompt on my next post. Lemmon_Houghton_1984_F

I’ve Noticed…

-That I was under the impression my socks were white, until I got a new pair of white shoes.

-That 80% of all used Band-Aids end up in public swimming pools.

-That Springfield has an oxygen bar, or as I like to call it…a bar.

-That I’ve never gotten to the end of a VH1 show and thought, “yeah, that was worth it.”

-That I thought about camping out in my backyard, but then I remembered the reason I have a backyard is because I have a house.

-That I stopped calling my cell phone a cell phone. Instead, I call it by what it’s used for more often…a calculatorcrappyflashlight.

-That while watching a moth fly around a light, I decided that moths are just butterflies with OCD.

-That I’ve never gotten a tattoo because of the off chance that someday I will want to become a criminal without any identifying characteristics.

-That I got an e-mail about how to eliminate spam, blocked by my spam filter.

-That the baby carriers where the baby is facing outward from the mother’s chest makes it look like the mother is a skydiving instructor.

-That when I enter a toilet stall and the flushing sensor has not flushed the previous business, I can only assume that the last occupant was invisible.

-That it’s never more evident to me that my family doesn’t know me than when they forward me an e-mail saying, “I thought you might enjoy this.”

About jeffhoughton

I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

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  1. Jason says:

    I play the song while reading just to feel like I’m sitting there at the theatre listening to you reading it.

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