October 15, 2009

I had lunch at Dagwood’s today. It is a ‘Blondie’ inspired sandwich shop. Do you ever notice that comic strips aren’t often all that funny? I like them. They are pleasant. Rarely do they make me laugh out loud. I think it would be really difficult to come up with something funny everyday (obviously). It’s more about joining in the experience of the comic strip characters I suppose. Is Dagwood going to hit the mailman on the way out the door again? He’s always running late. I swear, those carpoolers have unending patience. They’ve been commuting together for decades now.IMG_0831

For the last prompt I asked: What is your favorite one syllable word?

I will use Heather’s answer:


“I enjoy pique. Also: mooch. -Heather”


As always, very good answers from everybody. Pique is one of those words that looks fancier than it is just because it has a -que on the end. ‘Peek’ sounds the same, but it doesn’t have the ‘it’ factor. My favorite homonym is ‘raise’ and ‘raze.’ They pretty much mean the opposite. I am going to raze a building. I am going to raise a building. Take that English comer upperers. This is why it would be so difficult to learn English as a second language.

I went to France in college and although I took French in high school, I couldn’t understand hardly anything in the real France. Outside of my French classroom, which was decorated with pictures of the Eiffel Tower, cheese, bread, and fromage, things got fuzzy. 


Here is a sampling I said in French to actual Parisians:

-“What is the how come?” –Intended: What is the price?

-“The train is arriving at the July?” –Intended: The train is arriving in an hour?

-“I broke my face on the head of your goat child”– Intended: Your child is cute.

-“Can you show me how to be your lover?” –Intended: Can you show me how to get to the Louvre?

-“We saved your butt in World War II” –Intended: We saved your butt in World War II.

-“You have the physical attributes of a malnourished cow.” –Intended: Do you have any skim milk?

-“Donde es la lampara?” –Intended: Where is the lamp?

-“Ouch.”–Intended: Son of a —–! That mime just kicked me in the shin while pretending to steal my wallet! Crap! That mime just stole my wallet!

-“The offspring of your refrigerator will drive upon spelling the Obama online degree c-h-e-a-p vi-$agra replica w#atches.” Intended: spam e-mail.

-“I not wear suit of birth triumphantly?” –Which kind of beach is this?


So, yeah, I thought the French were rude. What’s their deal?

Next prompt: What type of socks do you have on right now?

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I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

2 responses »

  1. Shanners says:

    How was the food at Dagwood’s? Always wondered…
    Boy am I glad I wore cute socks today! Who knew I’d be asked about them? So, my very cute socks are black w/ red toes and heels, sparkly red and pink lipstick prints all over, and they say “kiss me” all over. One even has a red puff ball on the back of the ankle, but sadly, the other one does not. Thanks for asking. 🙂

  2. Grant Rogers says:

    Fox River hiking socks, made from corn in Osage, Iowa. They are dark grey and have some sort of globe next to the Fox River emblem. I imagine the globe is to reassure me that I did the right thing by purchasing socks made from corn as opposed to socks made from those pesky pollutents cotton and wool. However, my mother-in-law bought the socks for me, so I deserve no credit for saving our environment.

    much love,


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