Can you believe the show is tonight? It’s like Christmas and Arbor Day and Friday, all wrapped into one. bright teeth 2

Here’s the rundown:

Friday, November 6th
Skinny Improv Comedy Theater
Here’s the guest info:
NYLA MILLESON, Head Coach of MSU Lady Bears Basketball team
KEN RUTHERFORD, landmine survivor and expert, as well as MSU professor. He has an extremely inspirational story.
TRUETT AND THE TRAITORS, Fantastic musical guest who will be going acoustic.
There might also be a man on the street interview pub crawl video and new rap video. Be there.  
HEY! HOW ABOUT WE TAKE A LOOK AT THE RIDICULOUS SEARCH TERMS THAT HAVE BROUGHT PEOPLE TO THIS LITTLE WEBSITE (Stupid WordPress is not letting me put spaces in between lines, so look past that.)
“little league mustache” –This has to be a young man who matured faster than anyone else his age who wants to know if it’s okay to grow a mustache.
“I don’t like cat” –me either.
“canteloupe flavored jolly rancher” –Someday my friends…someday…keep plugging away, it’ll happen.
“skittles insightful” –I’ve never really understood…I mean really understood rainbows, until I tasted one.
“what would you give an 8 year old and why” –This was undoubtedly Steve Guttenberg’s character in Three Men and a Little Lady.
“whats do u put in the gutter to not get” –To not get what? To not get what? The suspense is killing me.
“how do the bowling balls come back after” Some mysteries aren’t meant to be known. Just trust.
“wilson phillips”–There’s something satisfying in knowing that a Wilson Phillips search will lead you to my website.
“steph….you noticed me looking at you'” –There’s no room for creepiness on the internet. I feel bad for Steph.

About jeffhoughton

I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

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  1. Those are fascinating key words searches! My personal favs bringing traffic to my site are (in no particular order):
    The moon fills and the crow cries twice,
    urinal cake ball,
    kirk elmquist douche (WTF?),
    clam pirates,
    and street bums.

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