November 10, 2009

Well, you missed/saw a great Mystery Hour on Friday night! Ken Rutherford and Nyla Milleson were great guests. Video stuff was a little screwy again, but we only had to skip one video. I do’nt usually like to give things away regarding the next show, but there is a rap video that is completed and is off the hook, and the chain, and whatever else it had previously been attached to. Mystery Hour Oct 13 011

For the last prompt I asked:

What is your favorite indulgence food?

I will use Sarah’s answer:

“last time i leave myself signed in on boyfriend’s computer…”

Okay. That is either the answer of a crazy person, or her nonsensical previous answer was made by a crazy boyfriend. But, it’s a good answer nonetheless. Who can’t relate to computers? I believe everyone who is reading this is on a computer, unless someone else printed this out for you. Maybe I should make a Mystery Hour pamphlet.

Here are some computer related observations:

-I think that when someone steals your identity online that there should automatically be a creepy old van that slowly putters across the screen. It’s got to be the kind of creepy old van that doesn’t have windows, except maybe a small circle one in the back that is tinted. It would also not be asking too much to have a mountainside painted on the side. Someone should make this program. It doesn’t stop the theft from happening, but you are aware of it.

-I never use the function keys at the top of the keyboard. That is the oppposite of function.

-I bet the Shift key looks down at the CAPS LOCK in jealousy. Shift is a one hit wonder while CAPS LOCK has put out a lot of hits.

-I’d like to think that the Microsoft Word paperclip was accused of aiding and abetting terrorists because he happened upon a terrorist writing a ransom note and said, “It looks like you’re writing a letter, need some help?” At Guantanamo the paperclip was tortured, being unbent curve by curve. It was unwittingly giving the interrogators suggestions on how to torture a paperclip.

-Spelchek doesn’t always work.

-Everytime a program gets updated, there are fewer features represented by words and more of them represented by pictures. It takes me longer to figure out what the feature does when there is a picture. If it just said it I could figure it out quickly. Can’t you assume a certain level of literacy by virtue of getting on the computer?

-The volume button/knob/key is always impossible to find.

-Everyone has tried to draw on Microsoft Paint and thought to themselves, “This would be easier if I was trying to sculpt with Play-doh and had a cheese grater for a hand.”

-The semicolon has no business being a home key.

-Whenever I’m writing an e-mail I feel pressure to use the exclamation point to convey my enthusiasm, but it never really feels sincere. I’m not actually that excited, it was my only option. There needs to be something in between period and exclamation point. Let’s try a few options:

–Sherry, I can’t believe you got the job (exclamation point)

–Sherry, I can’t believe you got the job+

–Sherry, I can’t believe you got the job}

–Sherry, I can’t believe you got the job, because you are an idiot.

Next prompt: What is your favorite insect?

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