November 11, 2009

I’m drinking a Brisk iced tea. Sometimes when I pour out a can of soda into a class it appears that there is more soda in the glass than there could have possibly been in the can. Weird.Mystery Hour Oct 13 004

For the last prompt I asked: What is your favorite insect?

I did not get an answer in time so I will use a spam comment from jeremymichaelskktddvbgfr, I got that was blocked by the spam filter (yes, spam even exists here):


“good day dudes. I’m really into shoes and I have been looking for the sake of that particular brand. The prices as regards the sneakers were all over 300 dollars on every page. But for all I bring about this locate selling them someone is concerned half price. I in reality love these Prada Shoes. I will absolutely buy them”


Jeremymichaelskktddvbgfr, I think that English is not your first language. “Good day dudes” is not something we actually say here to our friends. The rest of your comment was indeed made up of individual words, they just weren’t words that work together to form sentences. Basically, spam invades our worlds and tries to pretend like it’s one of us, it’s just one of the guys. I’d like to see if Jeremymichaelskktddvbgfr tried to make himself accepted in college.


Dorm Cafeteria

Jon: Oh, man, that Statistics test was impossible. Plus I stayed up so late the night before

Kyle: Tell me about it. The test asked questions about things he didn’t even cover.

Shawna: I don’t know about Statistics, but the probability of this chicken casserole being digested without a problem is small.

All: Ahhahahaha

Jeremymichaelskktddvbgfr: Good day dudes! Do you mind if I sit here with you dudes and one dudette?

Shawna: Ummm…okay…I guess

JM: What are you talking about? Nothing in particular? Are you just shooting the wind? Okay!

Kyle: We’re just talking about classes.

JM: Oh yeah! Classes are the worst! They really bring you down! Maybe you want purchase a f~ree college::::diploma“~~?

Jon: What are you talking about, man?

JM: Parents are such a drag! You want to play some bball at the park, I’m sure of it! You have all free time want with f~ree college:::::diploma“~~!

Jon: How would I get that? What did you say your name was?

JM: Easy. Come to my pimping dorm room and I will print for you on dot matrix printer. My name is Jeremymichaelskktddvbgfr.

Kyle: What kind of a name is that?

JM: It’s an American name! Do you want to play baseball? Hotdogs! Microwaves!

Kyle: No one has that name.

JM: Oh yes they do. Think of Jeremy Piven and Michael Bolton, then think of singer/songwriter skktddvbgfr, bringing the hits, all request hour.

Jon: There are things that are wrong with you aren’t there?

JM: No way Jose! If anything, I have too many Repppliccaa Watches-Rollexxxxx. Would you happy times gangstas want some?

Shawna: We don’t want any of your stupid watches. We’re just trying to sit and eat casserole and Jello and talk before we go to class.

JM: Food like that you’re bound to get illness. Perhaps you want some !!!!!!Online Medzzzzz!!!!!

Kyle: No. We’re fine.

JM: Are you certain cowboy? They are from Canada!

Shawna: Stop it.

JM: Okay, if you guys and gals want to hang later I’ll be in my room in my Prada shoes throwing a party that doesn’t have a hook.

The man leaves

Jon: That was weird.

Kyle: Yeah, what was with that guy?

A similar looking man with a moustache approaches

Man: Hey, kids, what’s the razzmatazz? You look down. Would you like some Vi***@agra to perk you up?

Jon: You are the same guy.

Man: No I’m not. We are all friends, amigos, pals. Speaking of which it’s time for you to confirm your Paypal account. Give me your social security number.

Kyle: Beat it man, or I will empty your folder, if you know what I’m saying.

Jon: Dang, that guy sucked.

Shawna: I don’t know, he might have been a Nigerian prince.

Next prompt: What is something that is in the drawer nearest you right now?

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I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

6 responses »

  1. allan says:

    every expansion to the Sims 2 computer game. we like that game alot.

  2. Shanners says:

    The closest drawers to me are 4 file cabinet drawers. The obvious answer would be files – neatly lined up alphabetically. That’s true for 1/2 of one drawer. The other drawers contain: files laying down in random order, various sizes of envelopes, many boxes of used check duplicates, some film contest lanyards, a home improvement book, random loose rolo-dex cards, electronic equipment cords, a package of Happy Easter cards, and an old scrapbook. Does anyone know a professional organizer? I may need help.

  3. sarahj83 says:

    hilarious. many of my spam comments are just nonsensical combinations of naughty words. like poetry.

    my secret stash of starbursts is in my desk drawer. i just realized starbursts don’t have a tag-line (like “taste the rainbow” or “makes mouths happy”). They should.

  4. Jason says:

    Standard Rosin Core Solder from Radio Shack.

  5. Dan says:

    batteries. lots….of batteries.

  6. Amanda says:

    My hidden stash of black fine point uni-ball pens. I am VERY protective of my pens and will hunt you down if you steal one from me!

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