December 1, 2009

The show is Friday night! The show is Friday night! Look at the guests! Look at them!—————>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Strangely, I did not get any responses to my question at the end of the last post. Maybe it’s because I asked the worst possible question. In case you missed it, I asked, “Where do you keep your valuables?” To rephrase that, “Will you tell the entire internet where would be the most efficient place to concentrate on the burglary of your home?” I was hoping to get something like, “None of your business” or “Screw you Houghton.” Instead, I got deafening silence. Point taken. The only question I can think of worse than that is, “What is the most shameful thing you have done, that you don’t want anyone else to know about?”


Since I got no response, I will give you the latest Things I’ve Noticed from the last show.

I’ve noticed that…

-That you know you have a bad Halloween costume if you feel the need to add a nametag to it.

-That strangely, 61% of all people that claim to be hypocrites actually aren’t.

-That Texas Toast is a more than a little presumptuous about how I plan to prepare it. Maybe I want Texas Microwave Bread, or Texas Raw Bread.

-That I couldn’t afford to neuter my dog, so I just tried to make him less attractive to the opposite sex.

-That I’ve never gotten on Facebook and thought, “I wonder what quizzes my friends took?” I don’t care which Golden Girl you are Blanche.

-That I worked out really hard the other day. I didn’t lift weights or anything, I just tried to get a piece of Orbitz gum out of the box.

Next prompt: What is the least valuable thing in your house?


About jeffhoughton

I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

One response »

  1. Jason says:

    Man, I miss being able to watch you perform.

    The least valuable thing? A power cable to some electronic device I no longer own.

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