December 9, 2009

I’m full of too much food. In a moment of strength I threw away half of an ooey gooey chocolate brownie. The rest of it is fighting with the turkey in my belly. I’m not sure which is winning, but I know that it is starting to get violent. You ever think about the strange mix of stuff going on in your belly after a meal? That’s why I like casseroles, it skips the middle man.

For the last prompt I asked: What is one of your sibling’s hobbies?

I’ll use Matt’s answer:

“I have no siblings, but there are people who are LIKE siblings to me. The closest person I have to a brother is a birder. He runs a birding blog and has a list of all the birds he’s ever seen in his life. Ever. No, he is not Rainman.”

That almost sounded like in place of a brother you have a birder. I would think a cousin would be closer, but to each his own. To each his own. I have never ever seen the appeal of birdwatching.

“Hey guys, we’re going out to the woods to look at birds through these here binoculars.”

“So you’re just looking at them?”


“So you get dressed, put on bug spray, pack a lunch, and wander the woods, for the chance to look at birds? I don’t get it.”

“Yes, but there is the complete thrill when you find one.”

“Explain to me that moment.”

“Well, like last week we were out and I saw a bird in the distance so I yelled to my brother, Paul, ‘Hey Paul! I see a bird over there.’ He said, ‘Where?’ So, I pointed toward the bird. We got our binoculars out so we could see it closer.”


“Well, the very bird that I pointed out, we saw it, only closer.”


I’m certain that your birder is a cool guy, but a list of all the birds he has seen? That seems like a bit much. On a blog? I thought my blog was boring, that must be even more boring. Here is an abridged list of the things I have seen in the woods.

-People in a boat having sex. I was in high school and we first thought that it was the sound of kids yelling and a guy fixing his boat. There was Bonnie Raitt playing too.

-A squirrel riding a deer.

-A guy chasing my brothers, two friends, and me. We had been following him and his girlfriend at the time, spying, as you do when you’re young. my brother, Scott refused to go back in the woods.

-Ruins of Roman outposts on a solo bike ride of the mountains of Wales. I got lost, it was almost really bad.

-Two hunters that my friend and I had to frantically run away from as we were trespassing. At one point I hid behind a thin tree like an old cartoon, probably with my belly sticking out.


-Black throated gray warbler. It was glorious!

Next prompt: What is your most common distraction?

About jeffhoughton

I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

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  1. allan says:

    right now, dog hair on my coat. it is all over, and multiplying as if jesus is blessing each strand to provide me extra warmth….

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