January 7, 2010

Show is tomorrow night! We don’t care how cold it is out there, laughter and magic warm you. Plus, there will be a bonus after the show. When the Mystery Hour is complete, we will clear the stage and change the lighting and ten minutes later I will do a short standup set. I’m wanting to videotape some of my standup with an audience, and you can be a part of it, if you promise to laugh more than normal.

Have you noticed that it has gotten far more difficult with the year change to type in the year on the computer? It used to be that I had to hit the 2 with my left hand and then the following numbers in with my right hand. Now, I’ve got to start with my left, then right, with an unexpected left in there one more time before I go to back to my right. Ugh.

For the last prompt I asked: What is something you had forgotten, but just remembered to do?

I’ll use Amanda’s answer:

“While I was eating lunch an hour ago I thought of something interesting I wanted to look up on the internet when I got back to work. Now that I’m back at work I can’t remember what it was. I was hoping typing this out would help me remember. It didn’t.”

The digital information age is killer for somebody with ADD tendenc…look a squirrel…ies. I would not say I have ADD, however, my mind is constantly thinking of random things and going in a million different directions. It can be a challenge to just concentrate in one direction. So, it used to be that I would think, for example, “I wonder who was the fast talking guy with the mustache in the Micromachines commercials?” I would then think, “Huh, I guess I don’t know, I’ll move on.” The entire thought last 1.8 seconds. Now, however, I’ll think that and I can immediately get on my Blackberry, or my computer and find out that it is John Moschitta Jr. and that he attended Nassau Community College with Billy Crystal. The thought lasts four minutes and I’ve clicked on six links leading to more rabbit holes. The point is that now instead of a thought being a momentary blip, it’s like being shoved in a mining cart down a rabbit hole. I think the nearness of information draws me further away from the reality of my present.

I can get deep on this blog if I want to, lay off. Here’s a scientific experiment. Try not to click on this link. It is the best, funniest link I have ever seen, and I think you would like it. You would love it, actually.

Did you click on it? Yes? Of course you did. If you didn’t, you’re wondering what you are missing. If you did click on it, you know that you weren’t missing much of anything, because it was stupid (or was it?)

Do you or I really need to know John Moschitta Jr’s name, or that there was presumably a John Moschitta Sr? Probably not. Are we better for it? Probably not. Yet, there is a compulsion to do it, isn’t there? Isn’t it weird to think that before the explosion of internet videos that all of the funny videos you saw were just condensed to one half hour show once a week, hosted by Bob Saget? You know, that would be my solution for someone who watches too many stupid videos and would like to quit, a software program that makes every video you watch be preceded by a Bob Saget lead in, with Bob Saget making sound effects throughout the video. To provide more angst, the program wouldn’t come with a scoring device for your seat, which was the coolest thing about the show.

Anyway, be sure to check out the Mystery Hour videos on the left. They’re awesome!

Next prompt: Who is your arch nemesis?


About jeffhoughton

I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

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  1. Jason says:

    Bert Convy. Even though he’s dead the scumball still gets me.

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