January 11, 2010

The Mystery Hour was Friday night! Everyone was there. We had a great crowd and I was really happy with the show. Kirby Van Burch wowed with stories of magic and then performed some of his own. Nicola Gilardi cooked for us and basically took over the show. Cornbelt Chorus pretty much rocked. Then we had the bonus portion after the show where I did some fantastically mediocre stand up and Cornbelt played one more song. All in all, it was a great show and there were a ton of people that braved the cold to make it out.

I’m going to get to my last prompt on my next post, but for today I’ll fill you in on the latest Things I’ve Noticed from the show:

I’ve noticed that…

-When I came home today I thought my wife surprised me with an HDTV, but it turns out she just dusted off the screen.

-I couldn’t get my dog to stop peeing on the carpet, so I gave up and started putting carpet cleaner in his water dish.

-My neighbor has had a ‘moving sale’ every weekend for the last two years.

-I bet that when they were making the seating chart for the typewriter that ‘m’ and ‘n’ were really excited to sit by each other because they were already friends.

-Without a doubt, it is easy to tell when someone who is on the phone is talking to their mother (This one had a long explanation with it. You had to be there).

-My Twitter account got hacked, but what sucked most about it was that ‘hacked me ‘is way cooler than regular me.

-That I had an embarassing moment the other day. I asked a woman if she was pregnant…and she wasn’t…she was a man.

About jeffhoughton

I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

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