January 29, 2010

I just finished off some Raspberry Iced Tea, let’s do this. I’ve just added a second guest to the next show, Leah Jenkins, she is the Executive Director of the Springfield Regional Arts Council. She will be awesome, don’t forget it. The show is a week from this Friday on February 5th.  There will be two new videos revisting a couple of crowd favorites. Plus, Preservation Society will be playing. They are one of the best bands we’ve had on the show.

For the last prompt I asked, what song was most recently stuck in your head.

I’ll use Matt’s answer:

“Walking on Sunshine. Stupid Glee.”

I will say that I passed on Amanda’s answer, but it inspired me for something else down the road. Walking on Sunshine is an infectiously happy song, Matt, it’s okay. The fact that it was on Glee makes it even that much more infectious, not that I watch that show…all the time.

Walking on Sunshine actually makes sense in Springfield, Missouri since there is a Sunshine Street. I wonder what that song would be like if it really was about walking on Sunshine Street. Sorry, if you’re not from Springfield, this won’t make sense. This is definitely worth following along with the music. Here is the video.

Walking on Sunshine (Street)

I used to think maybe you’re Cox, now I know you’re St. John’s

Had Mexican Villa last week, and it’s not all gone

Now everytime I sneak around ANPAC, don’t wanna be found

Restraining order stops me at Andy’s and no further down


I’m walking on Sunshine (Uh-oh)
I’m walking on Sunshine (Uh-oh)
I’m walking on Sunshine (Hey! Ever hear of turn signal, Jerkwad?!)
And it don’t feel good (HEY!) Not alright now
And it don’t feel good (HEY!) Got hit by a KIA just now

I used to think east side was bad, there’s just a Sam’s Club

But then I went west with the seedy, real seedy, strip clubs

Head to Schweitzer to cleanse, that didn’t work, no, no, no

Go to Canton Inn for some Mu Shu pork

I’m walking on Sunshine (Uh-oh)
I’m walking on Sunshine (Uh-oh)
I’m walking on Sunshine (There’s Bass Pro!)
But it’s on Campbell (HEY!) Then what is that now?!
Wonders of Wildlife (HEY!) Really empty now
But that’s a nice pond! (HEY!)

Walking on Sunshine
Walking on Sunshine

I see Fed Med, I see Fed Med, I see Fed Med that’s really weird
They are patients, but they’re felons, hope they don’t see me standing  here

I’m on Sunshine, baby
I’m on Sunshine, baby

Next prompt: What is something memorable you have had stolen from you?

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I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

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  1. Dan says:

    In 2nd grade I had a shark tooth stolen from me when I brought it for show and tell one day. One minute it was sitting on my desk, and then when I went to the coat cubby to get my coat and backpack at the end of the day, I came back to find it gone…GONE!!

    I went around looking for it on the ground all around my desk and on the way to and from the coat closet, but to no avail. I even asked some of those snot-nosed kids who called themselves my friends. They said they hadn’t seen it. That was when I realized they weren’t my friends, but simply my classmates.

    That was a heavy day in Mrs. Pavuk’s 4th grade class.

  2. Allan says:

    I had my dignity stolen. a couple of times actually. In eighth grade my English teacher split the class into groups and assigned each group a fairy tale to recreate in a theatrical fashion. My group was exclusively male…and I just happened to be the same size at my sister…and she just happened to have a “peasant girl” dress available from a recent school project. Yeah, wore a dress in front of my whole class.

    Then there was the time I hid above this live late night monthly talk show in Springfield in my underwear for a bit about the theatre owner kidnapping a Pepsi delivery guy instead of paying the shipping costs. Yeah, at least a hundred people saw me in my Joe Crab Shack Boxers…

    I hope you never forget that moment Mystery.

  3. Heather says:

    Well (and thanks for bringing this up by the way), someone broke into my house in December and stole my TV, laptop, digital camera and my grandmother’s wedding ring. The part that keeps coming to my attention though is that they stole a brand new lime green bag I’d bought for carrying my laptop in. I miss the ring more, but the thing is, every time I realize the green bag is gone I end up singing that song “Macarthur Park” in my head…I’m not even sure why. I guess because of the green connection, “All that sweet green icing flowing down. Now I’m never gonna make it cause it took so long to bake it and I’ll never have that recipe agaaaaaiiiinnnn, oh NO!” Diabolical.

  4. Josh Goeke says:

    When I was in college at what was then SMSU, I used to drive a 1987 Pontiac Parisienne Brougham. To be clear it was 2001. Our family’s neighbor in Lawrence, KS owned a car-audio shop and gave us a great deal on a deluxe cassette-tape-player stereo system with the removable face. With this set up I could use my cassette-adapter on my portable CD player and still keep all my old mix tapes, with kicking bass in my land yacht! CD and cassette capability with superb sound quality, in a smooth, gas-guzzling ride like driving a royal blue crush velvet couch down the highway. Awesome.

    Except that the 1987 Parisienne is pretty easy to break into with a bent coat hanger.

    Much to my dismay, I had forgotten to remove the face of this deluxe stereo system, and upon reaching to turn on my stereo, finding only a bunch of exposed wires, my heart sank. The real tragedy was a few days later when I reached into the glove-box to console myself of the loss of my stereo with an Altoid from the jumbo-gift-tin given to me by my grandmother at Christmas, only to find that they had stolen that too! How heartless! Talk about insult to injury!

    I like to think that the criminal did not realize that it was a cassette player until trying to sell it, and that they didn’t get much money for it. But I learned my lesson, got my stereo replaced, and from then on, I always removed my cassette-player face when I left my vehicle.

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