February 3, 2010

I have been a posting loser lately. I apologize to my fan. I’ve been crazy busy and it doesn’t let up until after next week. However, you should be reminded that The Mystery Hour The Show Not The Blog will be Friday night. I don’t want to give too much away, but it might just be an awesome show. We have a couple of great videos we’re showing and a couple great guests. Leah Jenkins is a guest and a friend. I have rarely interviewed someone that I’m already friends with, so that should be exciting. You don’t want to miss out on Brenda Harriman, she could talk about something like, say, chili, and it would be enertaining. In fact, hopefully she will. Plus, Preservation Society is one of my favorite bands. They are going to play a song like usual and then also play a theme song they wrote for the show and the crowd will get to vote on if it should remain the new song. We want to get an original theme song so we stop stealing from Cheap Trick/Beatles. When we all make it big we’ll need an original, so we might as well be ahead of the game, way ahead.

Since I don’t really have time, I’m going to post some of my favorite comments of all time (well, it turns out not all time, just the first trimester). If you haven’t noticed the people that comment on the posts are funnier than me, so I might as well recognize them. We have some that comment a lot and some that comment a little, but they’re all pretty darn good. In this post they’ll be completely out of context too! I won’t put comments up from the last post, but they’re the ones that gave me the idea. I will get to the last prompt soon hopefully.

In no particular order, the top comments:

Speedy Gonzales:

I love the movie Erin Brockovich… and I am a guy.


My secret love is cereal for dinner. I loathe cooking, and I love cereal, so I cheat a LOT and have cereal for dinner. My favorite, though, is Cocoa Pebbles…and believe it or not, I consider this healthy. I’m a sucker for kids’ cereals, despite being nearly 30-years-old.


A cheetah with three broken legs.


The Hadron Collider would not fit in the bed of a pickup truck. But could you imagine the widespread panic that would result if someone had a potentially world-ending atomic collider in their vehicle instead of the stereotypical gun rack or ice chest full of refreshing beverages!?

I think Chrysler should consider making expensive scientific contraptions available for options for customers buying a vehicle. It would certainly reflect Obama’s attempt to redeem the United States’ Scientific edge. I think replacing cup holders with bunsen burners is a fantastic idea personally.


I conclude sneezes by performing a backflip and taunting all nearby witnesses. It gets me pumped up for the next sneeze.


My couch. I gave it to my brother and sister-in-law for free…it was an old couch. They sent me a lovely card with a large amount of cash in it, as they insisted on paying for the couch. I tried to return the money, but my brother started raising his voice at me, just shy of yelling, and I thought I was about to get punched, so I kept the money. I am still, however, feeling bad about taking his money, and I’ll probably keep it in an envelope for 27 years and never spend it because to do so would make me a criminal of sorts.


oops. I was signed in as you. This is michelle.


Banana Runts have always been the only Runts for me. Next time you buy some, set the yellow ones aside for next time I happen to see you.


If a girl, my name would have been Pamela. And I’m pretty sure I would go by Pamela, too, not Pam. And I would be a spinster or a pro golfer.


Every morning I shout a not very nice word to my alarm clock. It starts with an “f.”

Laurel (The Jerk):

Actually, “science” does NOT say that Pluto is not a planet. Four percent of the International Astronomical Union, most of whom are not planetary scientists, say this. Their 2006 decision was immediately rejected by hundreds of other professional astronomers in a formal petition led by Dr. Alan Stern, Principal Investigator of NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto.

Stern and like-minded scientists favor a broader planet definition that includes any non-self-luminous spheroidal body in orbit around a star. The spherical part is important because objects become spherical when they attain a state known as hydrostatic equilibrium, meaning they are large enough for their own gravity to pull them into a round shape. This is a characteristic of planets and not of shapeless asteroids and Kuiper Belt Objects. Pluto meets this criterion and is therefore a planet.

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    Apology accepted. 🙂

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