February 17, 2010

Two days in a row? What is this, July ’09? I’m like an Olympic snowboarder, even though I keep failing, I still keep trying for some reason.

Here’s another clip from the last show. This one involves Alec Jarvis, the funniest kid since Pee Wee Reese.

For the last prompt I asked: How did you celebrate President’s Day?

I will use Amanda’s answer:

“I went to the Blockbuster store that is closing on Independence (it’s where I had my first job, tear) and bought 9 DVDs for $55! That’s like $6 per DVD! Then I watched the Olympics. Snowboard cross is pretty sweet.”

There is nothing better than cheap DVD’s and there is nothing sadder than the movie rental store business. I don’t actually buy DVD’s that much because once I see a movie I want to move on and see something new. I have to wait like six months until I’m interested in a movie again, it’s analogous to my relationship with my dentist. What I do love, however, is the movies that you will see in a bin at Walgreen’s or Wal-Mart, or Walruses. Last one made up. They are either movies that went straight to video, or you kind of heard of them, or they involve a real movie star’s brother.

Here is a list of made up movies, and their storyline, you might find in a cheap movie bin:

Battle Scars

“One man’s journey from the killing fields, to the healing fields, of aloe.”


“The pre-quel to the blockbuster, Avatar. Jonny Idaho has to venture into an unknown world, the world of Yahoo chatrooms. Disguised only as a blushing smiley face, Jonny ends up having to choose between his mission and the sexy winking emoticon he meets while on the inside.”


“Cats in love, in precarious positions.”

I’m Falling in Love and I Can’t Stop

“The rollercoaster journey of a Prius owner.”

Oedipus Apartment Complex

“A Lifetime Orginal. A woman (Judith Light) falls in love with a younger man (Matthew Lillard) from her building, only to learn that the man is actually her son who had been kidnapped from a shopping mall fifteen years earlier. Horror and gratitude collide in such a way that by the end of the movie you will find yourself in a bathtub full of bleach and steel wool trying to clean the thoughts out of the inside of your head.”


“A classic frightening tale of a man against the elements. Chuck is a normal single man in his twenties, forced to confront the enormity of nature. Chuck is on a quest to find a restaurant that doesn’t just serve iceberg lettuce in their salads. Sure, the menu shows green leafy vegetables, but Chuck knows the conspiracy, and he’ll get to the bottom of it one crunchy piece of white lettuce at a time.”

Valkyrie 2: Look out Luke

Dwayne Cruise (Tom’s younger brother) reprises the role of Claus von Stauffenberg in this action thriller. This time Claus has his assasination scope set on Luke Wilson, of the AT&T commercials, where he has been ruthlessly murdering his own reputation. Will Claus get to him in time, or will Luke slice him first with a killer “Havin’ Fun in Sunny Tulsa” postcard.

Next prompt: What is your second most annoying habit?


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