March 4, 2010

The Mystery Hour is tomorrow night. Some of the guests have changed—->>>>

-Shawn Matthews owns Vintage Vice and is generally fascinating

-We will have the WORLD PREMIER of the greatest Cornbelt Chorus music video ever. You can’t see it anywhere else.

-Plus, the City of Springfield has actually asked for our help on something that we will do during the show. Intrigued yet?

For the last prompt I asked, “What is the last thing you wrote on your hand?

I will use Katie’s immediate random and funny answer:

“Right now the back of my hand says:
Shower gift
Tonight: plan Cali!
The palm of my hand says:
Reserve a racquetball court
Peanut butter
Where is my birth certificate?”

Katie, this makes your life seem really fascinating. I’m sure it all means a lot to you, but from this side it seems crazy–in a good way. Plus, you write on the palm of your hand? Interesting. You must not be too bad of a sweater. Is the back of your hand one category and the back another category? It seems like the back of your hand is exciting things and the palm is the fears.

I will do my best to try to guess what each of these things means to you, in your life, Katie. Here we go.

Shower gift-This can mean only one of two things. One,  you’re getting a gift for your shower, like a soft wash of the tub, a new head, or one of those homemade certificates for a free fifteen minute massage. Or, you and your shower are going in on a gift for someone else. You are going halfzies, getting someone flowers where you provide the flowers and the shower provides the water. Yep, the only two options.

Tonight: plan Cali! First, let me say, I’m glad you added the exclamation point even on your hand. My first thought was calisthenics, but that is not worthy of an exclamation point. My next guess is that you are going to California for the wedding of an old roommate and that is why you and the shower are going in on a gift together. You both miss her.

Reserve a racquetball court-This one is obvious. You are planning on playing basketball.

Peanut butter-Could somebody be a George Washington Carver fan? I think so. Tomorrow is the 67 year and two month exact anniversary of his death. Peanut loving people everywhere celebrate the day by gorging themselves on Jif. They spend the next day trying to wipe it off of their face.

Where is my birth certificate?-I don’t know, Katie Obama. Perhaps it’s time you showed everybody.

Next prompt: What is your favorite thing about the internet?


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I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

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  1. Matt says:

    It was made for (and mostly by) geeks who like baseball and overtly complicated TV shows, like Lost.

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