March 5, 2010

It’s Mystery Hour night!

Get in out of the warm tonight and see The Mystery Hour!

Reasons, besides the amazing guests, you should come:

-There might be a free gift for everyone in the audience

-There might be a world premier of a music video

-There might be a new mustache

Friday, March 5th

10:15 pm

Skinny Improv Comedy Theater

SUSAN SOMMER-LUARCA, renowned artist and official artist of the Winter Olympics. Here is an article I wrote about her for 417 Magazine

SHAWN MATTHEWS, owner of Vintage Vice
BROTHER WILEY, awesome musical guest


Every Mystery Hour day I choose to wow you with the absurdity of the search terms that brought people to this site, and their corresponding unique disappointment level. As always these are real search terms. Here we go.

Ridiculous Search Terms:

remack of walking on sun shine. Yep, this is the spot to find ‘remacks.’ A remack is when you hit on a girl and she turns you down, but you step up and remack on her again. Disappointment level: getting re-rejected.

i dont mean to be an a**hole. Then stop being one. Disappointment level: The same as needing to find comfort in other’s a**hole feelings about themselves so you search for it online. How did this possible bring them here? Wait a minute, am I one too?

mesh highlights. Breathability, comfort, style, the feeling that you’re wearing nothing at all. Disappointment level: Playing in a basketball game wear you realize you are actually wearing nothing at all.

golden corral sign come inside. Don’t let this tempt you. Sure, they’ll invite you in, but they won’t let you leave until you get a soft serve swirly cone that is impossible to stop coming out of the machine at the right time. Disappointment level: The meatloaf.

i ratted out co worker. Hello, Denise from accounting. I know it’s you. I didn’t know those cookies were for everybody. I’m hypoglycemic, lay off. Disappointment level: Realizing that accounting knows all your pertinent information.

do guys like pitiful guys? ummm…depends? Disappointment level: Hosting a pity party that no one else came to.

who is the street sharks mystery friend? His name is Kenny and he is highly contagious, so I would stop asking questions. Disappointment level: Finding what you think is  a shark’s tooth only to shockingly realize it’s your uncle’s incisor

glasses, little league. fiberglass, eyes. fish, desert. This is fun coming up with things that don’t go together. Phone calls, movie theaters. The Notebook, me. Disappointment level: Same as your SAT score.

starburst kiss myth. Oh yes, the myth that says that if you kiss a Starburst, it will turn into a diabetic prince. Disapointment level: Finding out you kissed Wilford Brimley.

See you tonight!

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I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

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