April 26, 2010

What a weekend. I did next to nothing and it was lovely. Today I’m wearing a new button down shirt, that I thought was really cool in the store, but in real life it turns out to be okay. I feel a little bit like I’m wearing pajamas.

Here is a 5 minute film that I was in for SATO-48 Hour Film Challenge. You have 48 hours to write, shoot, and edit a five minute film. We took on the task of creating a musical. We had Grant Hendrickson from the a capella group Cat’s Pajamas, come up and write a song with the help of Todd Gummerman. We all helped with the lyrics and in the end it looked like I have a fantastic singing voice. Untrue.

For the last prompt I asked, “What do you do at work on Fridays?”

I’ll use Al Bush’s answer:

Wow. Were you previously a writer for ‘According to Jim?’ Because that was dead on. Not that I ever watched it…
Can’t imagine why it was ever cancelled.

I pretty much do the same stuff at work on Fridays as on any other day, except in jeans. I usually have to look at my lap to determine if it’s a Friday or a Thursday. Yesterday (a Thursday), around four, I looked down at my lap and saw khaki. It made me sad.
Today, I see denim, which makes me happy.”

Casual Fridays. It is the one thing in the adult world that most reminds you that, in some ways, you are still a first grader. I understand that workplaces need to keep a dress code to give the impression of professionalism, so people can’t just wear jeans everyday. I also understand that it is generous for businesses to offer a day when people can ‘dress down’ a bit. What gets me is the excitement created for the privilege to wear jeans.

I’m not big into thoughts on ‘working for the man,’ but this is definitely evidence of ‘working for the man.’ Has the man belittled us to the point that the opportunity to wear pants made from denim is worthy of celebration? I’m afraid he has. What is really the difference between denim and khaki? Between a shirt with a collar, and one without one? And what of the mock turtleneck? Where does it fit? Casual? Professional? Tool-ish? I think it is time for the people to rise up and take down “Casual Friday.” It needs to be taken down, not so we can wear jeans everyday, not so we have to wear dressy clothes everyday, not so we can display our epic collection of Lees. No! We need to do it to regain a sense of what was lost when we, as a people, gave ourselves to jobs we only kind of like. Are you with me?! Who is fired up?!

In order to do this, we need to buck the system in a few simple steps:

1. Talk to your aunt, you know, the one who makes everything out of denim. Everyone has one. She makes purses, CD holders, and lamps out of denim. Get her to make you an outfit of head to toe denim. Wear this outfit on casual Friday. Are they sure jeans are okay?

2. Get some of the jeans with elastic for a waistband and front pockets that face the side, like khakis, as opposed to the top like jeans. If you can’t find them just google Obama jeans, or mom jeans. Wear them on days that aren’t casual fridays. Sure they’re denim, but they’re also dress pants. It will confuse the powers that be.

3. Wear cut off jean shorts on the next casual Friday. Short, make them short. This will devalue denim, and your handsomeness stock.

4. Wear a denim tuxedo. Jeans, jean blazer, jean vest, jean shirt, jean bow tie, jean socks. Now that denim is properly confused in your bosses eyes, attack the regular clothes.

5. Wear nice, pressed khaki pants and no shirt.

6. Wear a nice, pressed dress shirt and no pants.

7. Wear an approved outfit, except you have children’s swimming arm floaties on over it.

8. Catch an episode of Glee. No reason, it’s just good.

9. Plant a pair of jeans in your boss’s office on a Wednesday. Make them Bugle Boy, just for the embarassment factor.

10. Giggle as you watch the institution of casual Friday crumble before your very eyes, taking down the very foundation of “The Man” as we know it. This may seem like a small step, but it may also be just the shock needed to overhaul an entire way of life. You may lose your casual Friday privileges, but that’s just because you don’t have a job anymore. Since you don’t have a job, everyday is casual Friday. Live it up.

Next prompt: What were you supposed to be doing when you were instead reading this?


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