May 5, 2010

It is the day that they have celebrated all across Mexico for generations. That’s right, it’s Mystery Hour Eve Eve! There are only two shows left this season. You don’t want to miss this one. From everything I have heard, Dr. Norm Ridder is surprisingly hilarious, and I have paid Paul Sundy a lot by eating food in his restaurants, so he had better be awesome. Plus, Stills and Grant are two of the members the Branson a capella group, The Cat’s Pajamas. Yes, yes they can sing.

Here is J.W. Grisbee, a recent musical guest on The Mystery Hour:

For the last prompt I asked, “What is the last voicemail you got?”

I will use Spencer’s answer:

“I got a voicemail this morning from a number I didn’t know. They must have butt-dialed me and proceeded to leave a 3 minute message of what my guess is them in their car wth a friend. They were singing to the radio, which entailed an off-key version “1985″ by Bowling For Soup. How embarrassing.”

Spencer, you are the latest addition to the long line of Mystery Hour commenters. We welcome you. There are name tags in the front and some punch in the back. Make yourself at home. I have butt dialed a lot of people. Isn’t it weird that your butt always dials the person you don’t really want to call? Then maybe you notice that your butt has dialed somebody and the timer says you’ve been “talking” to them for one minute,  forty eight seconds. Do you say hello and sorry? No, you hang up and try to forget it.

I took all of the contacts out of my work cell phone because my pocket was calling people too much. It is the worst to make the accidental call to work contacts. I found that I was calling the Missouri State University parking administration office all the time. All the time. It never bothered me too much because I figured it was just muffles and they probably didn’t have caller ID since it was just an office. I wasn’t going to call and say, “Hello, my name is Jeff, and this is my pocket. My pocket has something to say. Go ahead…apologize.”

It turns out they do have caller ID and that they heard more than muffles. One day I got a voicemail saying, “Hello Jeff, this is Linda with the parking administration. Your pocket has been calling us all the time for several months now. We can hear everything. Thanks you.” So if you ever want to know more about my secret life, ask the parking administration at MSU. They’ve heard everything.

Embarassing messages to have your pocket  leave on someone else’s phone:

-You talking to your dog in that voice you use.

-You singing along to Justin Bieber. This is embarassing not because you have a bad voice, but because you knew all the words.

-You using your iPad. Not the computer.

-You flirting with the pizza delivery girl. “Will you go out with my if I accurately guess the circumference of this pizza? I don’t even need a compass.”

-You watching Lopez Tonight.

Next prompt: If you could read palms, what would your’s say?

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