May 6, 2010

One more day until The Mystery Hour. You need to go to a show. You know how something has been lacking in your life? Come to The Mystery Hour to find out. I swear it’s not Scientology. Look at the lineup——–>>>>

Here is Part One of an interview from April with two of the actresses from Winter’s Bone, the film that is about to explode when it opens in June.

For the last prompt I asked, “Something about something.”

I did not get any responses, so I will dip into the old bag of spam comments. In fact, I’ll use three of them:

“dang cool story man.”

“dang sweet story dude.”

“wat is your myspace page”

Wow, so they seem really nice. Thanks guys, those are really positive. It was a dang cool/sweet story, you’re right spam robot who wasn’t programmed to use capitalization. Hey, who needs h’s, am I right guys? To find my myspace, you can just look up Jeff Ougton. Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a robot that followed you around just being vaguely encouraging and asking you questions about the internet? I think it would.

Jeff and his Robot Doug

Jeff: Aaah, well, Saturday. We’ve got the whole day ahead of us Doug. What do you say we go to the park?

Doug: Dang sweet idea, captain

Jeff: Thanks Doug, you always know just what to say. Should we drive, or do you want to walk?

Doug: Wat is Google Maps?

Jeff: Well, Doug, Google Maps is a way to see a map of just about anywhere. I just used it the other day. Good thinking, we can use it to find the way to a good park.

Doug: You know how to do things, champ.

Jeff: Yep, thanks Doug.

Jeff and Doug arrive at the park. They play catch with the frisbee. Doug makes an errant toss and Jeff has to pick it up around a bunch of people.

Stranger: Hey, man. Watch it!

Jeff: Sorry, that was my friend, Doug

Stranger: What? Is that a robot over there? Look everyone, this guy’s friend is a robot.

Jeff: Yep, he sure is. He’s a great friend.

Stranger: That’s stupid. This guy’s best friend is a robot.

Jeff: No, it’s not stupid. I like him.

Doug: That’s nice Jeff. Words are good to hurt or heal. You chose heal.

Stranger: Oh look, it looks like they love each other.

Doug: Wat is your Twitter nam?

Stranger: Blondeandbeefy

Jeff: Talk about stupid. More like Yellowandcowfat.

Doug: Dang sweet slam dudejeff

Jeff: Thanks Doug.

So, this isn’t going anwhere. Going off the cuff from suggestions won’t hit everytime. I will help us all by ceasing to type anymore. I guess I’ve been saving all my good stuff for tomorrow night’s show.

Next prompt: What is the name of a story or a project you wrote in elementary school?

About jeffhoughton

I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

4 responses »

  1. Katie says:

    I had to write a biography in fourth grade. We could chose any subject we wanted. I think most people chose historical figures. Not me. After ruling out Fred Savage, Will Smith and all of the New Kids on the Block, and wound up choosing Jason Priestly. Of course there was no research to be done on Jason Priestly at the library, so I did all my research by reading Bop magazine. It makes me feel really old to say this, but that was before fourth graders used the Internet.

  2. Katie says:

    The first “chose” should have been “choose.”

  3. sarahj83 says:

    i wrote a story in second grade called “Stupid Cupid” where cupid had tattoos, wore leather and called everyone “babe” or “baby”. This was one of the first times i realized i could make people laugh with writing. my teacher asked the principal to come in and read it. (I remember he pronounced “babe” and “baby” both as “baby” as if i couldn’t spell or know the difference between long and short “a” sounds. second grade me was totally miffed.)
    Anyway that’s where it all began. My love of writing and strange fixation on men who wear leather.

  4. Heather says:

    I can’t remember exactly which grade I was in…but I gave a speech about how to identify road kill. It involved several giant pieces of paper with black marker outlines and red watercolor paint to indicate “blood spatter.” By way of disclaimer: no actual animals were harmed in the giving of the speech. Also, I swear I’m not a serial killer.

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