June 4, 2010

Tonight is the night! The Mystery Hour, coming at you with guns blazing. Bucky Bowman will be a guest. If you want to learn more about him click here. Nichole Lemmon will be a guest. If you want to learn more about her, click here. Plus, it’s the season finale, there’s bound to be a cliffhanger, or a break up, or a marriage, or a mauling. Some of you have maybe only read the blog, but never been to the show, travesty. Tonight! 10:15!

Stuff like this happens:

It’s the day of the show, so you know what that means, ridiculous search terms. These are real search terms that brought people to this website. I include an explanation and a disappointment level the person had when arriving here.

Ridiculous Search Terms

-“suburb known as “the holler” springfield” Yep, it’s called Nixa. Disappointment level: The quick and painful realization you built on a sinkhole.

-“a person that can sing for a hour in new…” In new what? In new pants? in New Mexico? in Newton’s third law of gravity? Disappointment level: Moving to New Jersey.

-“my life is a misery i dont have a job” This one is actually just sad. Disappointment level: Reading about Wall Street bonuses.

-“churchill airstrike” This is actually how Hitler used to try to find out when the RAF would be over Berlin. Too bad the internet wasn’t invented yet. We won! Disappointment level: Sitting in a bunker and finding out Eva Braun is actually Ed Brauny.

-“how to find out if i’m related to arthur” Answer: Maury Povich. Disappointment level: Arthur is not the father! Music! Over reactions from the audience! crying in the green room! camera crew following!

-“i’d hug you but i’d get you wet” Maybe it’s not so great being a mermaid afterall. Plus, I can only assume they procreate in the manner of fish. Not actually sexy. Disappointment level: Falling in love with a mermaid, only to discover the last sentence.

-“was jeff houghton wrong” Never! Disappointment level: None!

See you tonight!


About jeffhoughton

I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

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