July 27, 2010

Two days in a row? Yes, I’m back, until I stop again. So, how about the concert we’re putting on? If it sounds awesome, it’s because it is. Take some time and go to the previous post to click on the bands, they are cool. Jeremy Larson’s appearance on The Mystery Hour was mind blowing.

For the last prompt I asked, “When was the last time you broke a bone?

I will use Brian’s answer:

“I broke a bone at football practice in high school. It was technically football practice because we were there, but no where on the field. After practice one day, we were changing clothes to go home. Someone put their foot on a bench to tie their shoe and the bench fell over onto my bare foot. My pinky toe was broken.”

Ouch. That sounds like enough football for me. Here is my only experience at organized football.

However, I do love football. I watch too much of it, and I am more than a little obsessed with the Iowa Hawkeyes. Being a fan of a sport or a team is the only area in life where you can freely criticize people who are experts (players, coaches, and refs) when you know nothing about the area of their expertise. Not only that, people feel free to criticize with abandon, screaming and sometimes throwing remote controls.

This is not something you could do in any other field.

“You call that a black hole?! Are you blind? Have you even measured the Hawking Radiation? Open your eyes! You wouldn’t know quantum gravity if it sat on your lap and called you Daddy!”

“You’re telling me that you’re going to attempt to track a great horned owl just by flight pattern, without even examining one owl pellet?!Go back to ornithology school!”

See, you don’t do it anywhere else. Mostly, it is understood that you let experts be experts. We have a real desire to criticize and we need an outlet to do that. I think sports are an opportunity for people to do that. It’s one area where you can just feel pure emotions without feeling constantly torn. There is nothing calling you to understand both sides of an argument. You can simply leave empathy at the door. However, some people just don’t like sports. So maybe there are, indeed, other things out there to cheer for. All you need is a game and sides to choose.

-Food Court. You and a buddy sit in the food court of your local mall. Whenever someone enters, you try to predict which restaurant they will go to. Teenager? Bet on Sbarro. Cell phone belt clip? Orange Julius.

-City Construction Bids. Become acquainted with the local construction companies. Become acquainted with new city construction. Find one company to root for. See if you can get a hold of  replica uniform and wear it to city council meetings to cheer on your ‘team.’

-Potty Breaks. How often will the biggest procrastinator in your office get up to use the facilities in an hour?

-Colors. You pick a color and your friend picks a color. Cheer for that color. Go fuschia!

Next prompt: If you were a trucker, what would you want your CB radio handle to be?

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