August 17, 2010

Good afternoon party people. I write to you in a lavender shirt. I’m okay with it so you should be too. If you wanted to see some video from the famous proposal at the end of the show, here it is. This is Jeremy Larson proposing to Elsie Flannigan:

For the last prompt I asked, “How did you meet your significant other?

I will use Erik’s response:

“I met her through a mutual friend while we were both at church. We were both in the greenroom backstage and she and our mutual friend were “choreographing” ridiculous dances to the music coming from the stage. 2.5 years later we were both on staff together at the same church and we started dating in September of 2009.”

First. Al, I had the exact thought about the last post, and it just may well happen. Second, aawww, cute Erik. Thank you for indicating how long you have been together with a decimal. “What a cute little baby, how old is she? “She’s .8333333 years old and she’s already walking.” I can see a good relationship starting with dance moves, but choreographed moves takes it to another level, you must have a really good relationship. Somehow, this has inspired me to make another Facebook news feed from throughout history.

(Check out the original Facebook News Feed From Throughout History. Click Here)

Facebook News Feed From Throughout History

Abraham Lincoln is attending Our American Cousin at Ford’s Theatre

John Wilkes Booth likes this

Ronald Regan>Mikhail Gorbachev: Tear down this wall

The 1980’s likes Cocaine

Emporer Trajan Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that we’ve moved. Here’s our new address: Everywhere.

Betsey Ross Oh great, now I have carpal tunnel

Harriet Tubman was tagged in an album

Harriet Tubman Whoever tagged me in pictures, untag me! We’re supposed to be underground. Seriously!

Abraham>Isaac Thinking about going into the wilderness this weekend, you in?

Martin Luther tagged The Holy Catholic Church in his note: 95 Theses

George Washington Carver likes Peanut Butter

Reginald Worthington What’s that?

George Washington Carver You’ll see

Sigmund Freud Going to see my mother this weekend

Id Go for it

Ego Think about it

Super Ego That sounds like a bad idea

Isaac>Abraham Sounds like fun, what’s the occasion?

President Howard Taft Anyone have some WD-40, or butter, or something like that?

Joseph Smith Lately, I feel like I’m seeing things.

Lenni Lenape Anyone know if $24 is a good price for an island?

Paul Revere Remember, it’s one like if by land, two likes if by sea.

2 people like this

Abraham>Isaac No reason, just a father/son bonding trip

Next prompt: What do you remember about the first day of school?

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6 responses »

  1. jenksie says:

    just had to stifle laughs through my nose at work. it was difficult. this should be A Thing. It’s so funny.

  2. Jason says:

    This is absolutely hilarious. Dare I say…it’s funnier than These Things I’ve Noticed.

    I don’t remember the first day of school. I was 4.

  3. allan says:

    are we talking about THE first day of school, or just a significantly memorable first day of school? i wasn’t actually at THE first day of school, but i would love to take a peek at Socrates’ lesson plan for the day. . .

  4. Katie says:

    Jeff, I love the historical news feeds. Hilarious!

    I wore Catholic school uniforms for 13 years, so I definitely don’t remember “back-to-school clothes.” I just had the plaid skirt, the polo shirt. What I remember are fresh, new pencils and markers, smooth and unscuffed protractors, snazzy Trapper Keepers and (my favorite) the smell of ink on paper in new books. I still love that smell. I was a big Scholastic Book Club dork.

  5. […] (Check out Facebook News Feed From Throughout History Volume II. Click Here.) […]

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