September 3, 2010

In case I haven’t reminded you enough, The Mystery Hour is tonight! Get ready for a lineup of guests worthy of a real late night talk shows. Speaking of real late night talk shows, what is the difference between a real late night talk show and The Mystery Hour? Nothing, we have microphones now! You may point out that real late night talk shows are on actual television, but I disagree.

Plus, I just saw the new intro video, it’s really really cool.

10:15! Tonight!

It is the day of The Mystery Hour, so you know what that means, it’s time for Ridiculous Search Terms! These are actual search terms that brought people to this website. Included in each entry is a unique disappointment level the searcher must have felt upon arrival at this crappy website.

tv show Who looks up “tv show?” Are they wondering what a tv show is? Plus, we are as much a tv show as a low sodium Wheat Thin, in that we’re not on TV. Disappointment level: The internet.

do it baby, oh do the humpty dump Only if you ask nicely. Disappointment level: Using a word that don’t mean nothing, like looptid.

can you make an ice by poring cool aid? No, that’s how you make a popsicle. Disappointment level: Spell checking what you just wrote.

say happy birthday ex boyfriend Happy Birthday. Hello, Denise. Disappointment level: Your ex girlfriend, Denise, finding your website.

90 pop Take one down, pass it around, 89 pop on wall. Disappointment level: Having a pop/soda discussion with someone from a different region of the US

“rubbing his butt on” face This search must have been related to my blog on spending the summer at camp. Is this about someone rubbing their butt on someone else’s face, or is it about someone who has a facial expression that just screams  “rubbing his butt on?” Disappointment level: Your face being associated whatsoever with the idea of a rubbing butt.  This is a really cool website where people request good guys open things for their pleasure. “Good guy, open this jar of Miracle Whip. Do it faster, don’t get angry, you’re a good guy.” Disappointment level: Good guys opening up emotionally.

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I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

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