September 30, 2010

Elvis’ guitarist!

Highest Ranking Official We’ve Ever Had On!


Friday, 10:15!

That’s the formula for a good show. So there it is.

I have very little time today. I did interview the all time leading scorer in NCAA Women’s basketball history today for 417 Magazine. She will appear on the show in January. If you don’t know who it is then you don’t live in Southwest Missouri. Jackie Stiles is her name. I got here after the Jackie Stiles craze, but it’s still exciting.

For the last prompt I asked, what shirt are you wearing right now?

I will use Eric’s comment as I believe it was his first.

“When I am not expected to look professional (a timeslot which usually includes eight at night), or I am not in a place where I can get arrested for doing so (an example of such a place being: my house) I do not wear shirts. Good luck shaking that visual, friend.”

Yes, Eric, thanks for the visual, you are a visual image terrorist. 

I had a conversation with a friend while at a basketball game.

Jeff: “How much would it take to get you to streak across the court?”

Ryan: “I don’t know, considering that I would lose my job, it would have to take a lot.”

Jeff: “What route would you take?”

Ryan: “I would probably go in down those stairs over there, then across the court and up these stairs, here.

Jeff: “The advantage would be that no one would want to tackle you, because you’re naked, but if you were tackled it would hurt extra. If it was me, I would grease myself up with tanning lotion, or Pam. Or maybe I would have a sign that said, ‘Oozing Rashes.'”

Ryan: “Plus, I have an identifiable tattoo on my shoulder, so I would easily get recognized.”

Jeff: “How about this then, which is funnier, a guy streaking completely naked, or a guy streaking with just a short t-shirt on?”

Ryan: “Definitely the guy streaking with a shirt on.”

Jeff: “Yeah, because why would he go through the trouble of putting a t-shirt on?”

Ryan: “So, he has a little bit of modesty and taste?”

Jeff: “Yes, it would definitely be funnier with a t-shirt on. How does he decide which t-shirt to wear?”

Ryan: “Even better if he had dress shoes on.”

Jeff: “Yeah, like he’s late for work.”

Ryan: “If I didn’t want to wear a t-shirt, could I wear a dickie?”

Jeff: “You mean like the cut off turtleneck, that is mostly just turtleneck?”

Ryan: “Yes”

Jeff: “Then, yes. Yes, you could.”

Ryan: “That would be even funnier.”

Jeff: “Tie”

Ryan: “A dickie and a tie?”

Jeff: “No it would be a tie between how funny it is to wear a t-shirt and to wear a dickie.”

Ryan: “Whose on first?”

Jeff: “A naked guy with just a t-shirt on.”

See ladies, guys don’t talk about sex or other women when they’re together. It’s mostly about escape plans and our own hypothetical nudity.

Next prompt: What song did you listen to most recently?

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I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

2 responses »

  1. Allan says:

    I just watched the most recent episode of Glee. there was a lot of Britney Spears music…and internet meme references.

    But I actually want to share that the autofill feature wanted to add my phone number next to my name required to leave a comment. I was amazed and alarmed that it wanted to give away my phone number and actually knew my phone number. . .until I realized that the ten digits listed were not indeed my phone number, but a random number I did not recognize. Has the internet stolen my identity?

  2. Katie says:

    Unfortunately, it was the one about Katy Perry’s skin-tight jeans.

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