October 1, 2010

Yo, yo, the Mystery Hour is tonight! Make your plans, hide your kids, rent a U-Haul, turn in your library books, it is time.

As always the day of the show, we’ve got Ridiculous Search Terms. These are actual search engine terms that brought actual disappointed people to this site. Plus, I include a unique disappointment level the searcher must have felt upon arriving at my site.

Here we go:

-going to bed late. Amazingly this brought three people to this site in the last month. It’s as if someone was just narrating their day. “Looking up going to bed late on Google right now. Picking at a scab while it loads.” Disappointment level: Same as getting up early

male naked butt. I don’t believe that can be found here. However, I do find it incredible that a search can accurately describe what the blogger looks like while typing. Disappointmen level: Same as seeing your actual butt in a mirror. They aren’t pretty, none of them.

-guy in golden corral commercial. I wish that was me. Disappointment level: Same as not being able to stop the self serve ice cream machine.

-girls wearing school uniform with school. Man wearing construction uniform with construction site. Woman wearing nurse uniform with hospital. Man wearing police uniform with police. This is fun, I’m sure there were only pure intentions with this search. Disappointmen level: Chris Hansen walking in from the patio.

-water fight poster. Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! The Miller kids and the Howard kids will be battling for neighborhood water supremacy! Who will wet the others, and who will just wet their pants?! Be there! Elmridge Cul de Sac Civic Center! Disappointment level: Crappy water pistol in a super soaker fight.

-little girl inphoto in newspaper. That was Lindsay Lohan. Disappointment level: Same as the newspaper industry’s future.


About jeffhoughton

I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

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