November 5, 2010

As the Spice Girls said, tonight is the night, when two become one. Meaning, you and The Mystery Hour will be together. Check out this show lineup—–>>>

This show is going to be a little crazy and unpredictable, so you should be at it to see how things get screwed up.

As we always do the day of the show, it’s time for Ridiculous Search Terms, or as it is sometimes called, Losing Faith in Humanity.  As always, these are actual search terms that brought people to this website. I will tell you the search term and then tell you the disappointment level of the person was to arrive at this website.

-malenakedbutt. Since it is all one word, I’m assuming it is Ma lena ked butt. I don’t know what that means. My favorite thing about this is that it is all one word. Malenakedbutt is what you yell when you happen upon an unexpected male naked butt. “Just going to send some faxes here as I walk around the corner. Oh dear God! Malenakedbutt! Disappointment level: Seeing your own butt in the mirror on accident. Nothing good about it.

-naked asleep bed. This was definitely typed by someone who does not speak English as a first language. I know that , I for one, hate it when I walkin on my bed asleep without any clothes on. Disappointment level: Having that thought while sleeping in a hotel room.

-kill horse game. That game is how we get glue. Disappointment level: Paste on the fingers.

-nudity at table rock lake. I like to think that I am the sage, seer of all things related to nudity at table rock lake. It is my specialty. Why so much nudity this month? I’m beginning to think a lot of internet users are not out there for pure intentions. Disappointment level: slipping on a rock while nude at table rock lake.

-declaration of independence is approved. Finally! It’s about time! Thank you stranger on the internet for finally making it official. I’m glad it meets your approval man in tank top and boxers in dimly lit mother’s basement. Disappointment level: Mom’s new stupid boyfriend, Terry.

-teenage dre lyrics. This was before Dre became a doctor. He was just a young lad trying to get into the right school so he could eventually get into a prestigious hip hop doctoral program. Disappointment level: Trying to present a hip hop university’s transcripts at a job interview.

-do it baby, oh do the humpty dump. If this is reference to the awesome early ’90s hip hop song, Humpty Dance, the line is, “do the humpty hump.” Humpty dump means something else entirely, and quite frankly sounds gross. Disapointment level: Having thre humpty dump happen to you.

See you tonight!

About jeffhoughton

I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

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