December 3, 2010

Here’s and oldie:

Here is the show info for tonight:

December is not going to know what hit it. This show is going to knock the winter right out of December. It is going to feel sunny and warm inside The Skinny Improv Comedy Theater. So, get off your tush and try to forget what your uncle said to offend the family over Thanksgiving. Try to forget what inappropriate outfit your crazy aunt was wearing. Try to remember to come to this show. It will be neither offensive or inappropriate.

Friday, December 3rd


Skinny Improv Comedy Theatre

RON SNODGRASS, principal of Central High School and college football referee. Here’s the article I wrote on him.

ANDY TAYLOR, KTTS morning show host and voice of the US Open. Here’s the article I wrote on him.

CANTO 17, awesome band


For tickets:

For more info:

As always on show time, it’s now time for Ridiculous Search Terms. These are searches people had that actually brought them to this website. Usually, as with our regular readers, they left disappointed. I will tell you them term and then give you a unique disappointment level, decribing how they must have felt upon arrival at this website.

Ridiculous Search Terms

male naked yoga. I now I’ve put up a video of me doing yoga on the show, but I’m fairly certain I had clothes on. As was once said on ‘Seinfeld,’ there is good naked and bad naked. Male naked yoga has to be bad. Disappointment level: Trying to do the downward dog, but not understanding what the instructor was saying.

male chicken v female chicken. Sounds like the ultimate cage match, or if you’re liberal, cage free match. I’d put my money on the female chicken, the male chicken is a little to cocky. Get it? Disappointment level: Same as hearing that pun.

hot albino person. There is no doubting why this search ended up here. Disappointment level: None.

legendary telemarketeer. The most legendary of all the telemarketeers would have to be not one, but three, the Three Telemarketeers. Brandishing swords and telephone headsets, these legends would not take no for an answer. They would fight disgruntled phone answerers to the death. Disappointment level: Trying to sit down to make a call with a sword.

you make me feel like i’ve been living a teenage dream i can’t sleep the way you turn me on. I’m sorry to hear that. Have you tried counting backwards from 100? Ambien might work. Disappointment level: Having an awesome dream, waking up, then being unable to get back into the dream.

misteri of hour. Found me have you? The misteri of hour beckons you. What is the misteri behind an hour? Why is it sixty minutes? Disappointment level: The letter y.


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