December 9, 2010

Let’s jump right into this. The comments were awesome. There is something cool about just getting a few details of a first kiss that make them intriguing and hilarious. I wish I could use all of them, but I can’t, so I’m just going to use two of them. I think they might be connected somehow.

For the last prompt I asked, “What are some highlights from your first kiss?”

I will use Leah and Erik’s answer:

Leah: “I pretended I bought him a shirt and had him close his eyes to get his gift. Instead of a shirt I gave him a kiss”

Erik: “here are the highlights from my first kiss

– 3rd floor of a parking garage
– age:22
– she was pretending to give me a present and made me close my eyes. She then kissed me. It scared me slightly. Not that I didn’t like it but I just didn’t know it was coming and it caught me off guard.
– it was accompanied by 3 t-shirts”

If those both don’t describe the same kiss I would be completely shocked. To find out it was on a parking garage and that it was not one, but three shirts makes it even better. I think we need more details to put us in the moment though. So, I am going to tell the entire story, as it was intended, with all the details.

Erik and Leah’s First Kiss

Leah: Hey babe, I was hoping that we could go out on a real date soon. It feels like it’s been forever. We’ve been hanging out and seeing each other a lot, but I want to go on a date date.

Erik: Babe, I was thinking the same thing, babe.

Leah: Oooh, great, let’s do it Saturday night, babe.

Erik: That totally works for me, babe.

Leah: Let’s make it romantic, babe. I might have a surprise for you.

Erik: Babe, that sounds exciting, you know I love surprises. Is it hot in this room, by the way?

Leah: Oh, I know this one. Nope, it’s just me, is that what you were going to say, babe? That’s flattering.

Erik: No, I mean it’s actually hot in here. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I only wear sweatshirts. I need something more lightweight, but I don’t know what.

Leah: Huh, good to know, babe.

(The two are in the car on Saturday night)

Leah: So where are you taking me, babe? I can’t wait to find out.

Erik: I’m not telling, you’ll have to guess.

Leah: Is it a fancy restaurant?

Erik: Nope.

Leah: Ooh, babe, are you taking me to a movie?

Erik: Nope, babe

Leah: I know, you’re taking me to the award winning Skinny Improv Comedy Theatre, right babe?

Erik: Even better.

Leah: I didn’t know there was such a thing.

Erik: I’m taking…you…to…a… parking garage!

Leah: No way, babe, are you serious? I love parking garages, babe. How high up in the parking garage are we going to go? To the top?

Erik: Nope. We’re going to the third floor!

Leah: Good, I hate the top, where you can see the stars and the night sky, babe. Babe, you know me so well.

Erik: Yep, the third floor, babe. We’ll be surrounded by concrete and urine.

Erik and Leah: Yaaayyyy!!

(The third floor of the parking garage)

Leah: We’ve been dating for quite awhile now, Erik. And here we are, babe, in a very romantic spot, the third floor of a parking garage.

Erik: Yeah, babe.

Leah: I think it’s time we take our relationship to the next level, babe.

Erik: Really, babe?

Leah: Really, babe.

Erik: Babe?

Leah: Babe

Erik: Babe?

Leah: Babe

Erik: Babe?

Leah: Stop it. Babe, I think it’s time…that I give you… a… t-shirt.

Erik: What’s that?

Leah: It’s like a sweatshirt, only lighter weight and the sleeves stop before your elbows.

Erik: Oh, wow! That sounds like heaven, babe! I’m so hot all the time! You really listen, I love that about you.

Leah: Close your eyes

Erik: Okay, babe, but I can’t see very much as is.

Leah: Alright, here comes your t-shirt!

Erik: Yay!

(Leah leans in and kisses Erik on the lips)

Erik: What the f*%$? What was that? That wasn’t a t-shirt!

Leah: No, it was a kiss.

Erik: Dang! You’ve got to warn somebody. That scared the crap out of me. I was expecting a t-shirt, a t-shirt in my hands. My eyes are closed and I feel something wet on my face. On my face! We’re in the third floor of a parking garage, how was I supposed to know what that was? It could have been a rabid otter or something. Dang, what were you thinking?

Leah: I was thinking I love you, babe

Erik: That’s a heck of a way to show it, babe. That was weird, that’s what a kiss is? Grody! Maybe if you’re expecting it you’d like it, but for crying out loud, I was hoping for the magical thing called a t-shirt, babe.

Leah: I’m sorry I surprised you, babe, but I think you’re overreacting.

Erik: Are you serious? It would be impossible to overreact to such a thing.

Leah: How can I make it up to you, babe?

Erik: I guess if you had more than one t-shirt, maybe

Leah: What if I have three, babe?

Erik: Babe, that changes everything.

Next prompt: What is your favorite thing to buy at the grocery store?

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5 responses »

  1. Leah says:

    That’s pretty much spot on as to how it happened. Except we call each other “lover” not “babe.”

  2. jenksie says:

    Nut Thins. Because not only are they delicious and healthy gluten-free crackers, but also their name makes me giggle. Nut Thins.

  3. danclair says:

    mac and cheese. i live off the stuff. and i’m 80 box tops away from getting an afternoon with Cheese-a-saurus Rex.

  4. Erik Kiser says:

    Naked. I just love going to walmart and getting Naked. it is the best!

  5. Matt says:

    Coffee and bread. That aisle smells so good. I just want to crawl into the shelf and hide behind stacks of bread and bags of coffee and just drift away…

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