December 28, 2010

I have been delinquent once again. I’m sorry, I was celebrating the birth of Christ, so sue me. Sorry, that started off on the wrong foot. Good to be back everybody! I hope you had a great Boxing Day.

In case you missed it:

When we last left this wonderful blog, I had gotten a very exciting comment. On the 15th, I reposted an old blog posting that was about finding out where the members of the group, Color Me Badd are today. Well, I got a comment from a woman named, Patty, with a website called, Now, normally, I don’t venture to websites that end in .net, because it sounds like a trap. But, this one seemed legit. There is no, so I’m just going to assume that the .net website is as official as they come.

I’ve posted on a lot of random things. I’ve never had a representative of any of those things respond to my posting. Until now.

Here is the comment from Patty:

“You know what’s funny? Kevin (with the braids) actually did enter the ministry, so that was pretty good.”

If you look back at my post, I accurately predicted this. Why? Because he was the humpiest one of them all. It seemed funny. But, I was right. Color Me Blushed.

I’m thinking I have a gift. I’m going to try out the where are they now thing with other people and see what I can pull off. I’m guessing 100% accuracy. Plus, if I’m not accurate, I’m sure I’ll at least get the people (or their representatives) to stumble upon this website when they Google themselves.

Where Are They Now, Random Celebrities

-The guy from the Dell commercials. You remember him, the “Dude, you’re gettin’ a Dell” guy. His name is actually Dale. After making millions in commercials, he moved on to charity. Dale now coordinates the volunteers at a local Salvation Army. Dale exchanged his old saying for a new one, “Dude, you’re getting a bell!”

-Yo Quiero Taco Bell Dog. His real name was Guillermo. He lived from 1998-2002. One day in October, 2002, Guillermo was walking home from the studio when he ran into a pack of yorkies. They were part of a street gang, the TailDocks.  They stole his diamond collar and a chew toy made from a real eagle. Worst of all, Guillermo was put down by the gang, which is to say, he was killed.

-The Band O-Town. Their career fizzled as the new millenium heated up. That didn’t stop them from singing, though. The O in O-Town now stands for Osceola, Mo. Most of their songs now revolve around Osceola Cheese. “Feeling like swiss, girl, from the start/ cuz you’re making holes here in my heart /I’m asking for help from God and Buddha/wish this was easy like a eatin’ gouda.”

-Darkwing Duck. Darkwing has taken his talents to the other side of the camera. He is now an animator. Well, someone animates him animating shows. It is fairly complicated.

-Yakov Smirnoff. “What a Country” and his trademark Soviet Russia jokes brought him fame and fortune. Now, he’s doing even better things.

-Lou Bega. He’s the one who got us dancing our feet to Mambo #5. After 4 failed attempts at mambo, #5 finally hit. If only he had stopped there. Lou is still an artist, only now he is a sandwich artist at Subway and is onto Mambo #26, made on Garage Band.

-The Domino’s Noid. Reginald Penderton is his given name. Reginald never intended on having a career in show business, but he was discovered while walking in a mall in northern California. Reginald was working on his Phd at the time and was just grabbing an Orange Julius as a study break. Some say he stood out because he had the ‘it’ factor, while others say it is because he is claymation and red. Either way, he made it big. Reginald is now an expert on the duck billed platypus, speaking across the country on habitat reclimation.

Next prompt: From anybody past or present, who would you like to have dinner with? No cliche answers.


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4 responses »

  1. Scott Kirchner says:

    I feel like I really want to have dinner with a really horrible person just to see how bad they are. I mean there had to be some likable qualities to Hitler. I just want to sit down with someone no one really likes now and find something fantastic about them that saves there face.

  2. jenksie says:

    I think the trouble is ANY answer to this question seems cliche, right?
    My honest answer would be my grandparents. My dad’s parents were democrats in Christian County. I LOVE that, but I didn’t figure out how cool it was while I was a kid.
    Or, you know, Tina Fey. But that’s also cliche.

  3. allan says:

    i want to have dinner with julia cholds. i’d cook kraft mac and cheese with hot dogs and she would nibble uncomfortably at my terrible food.

  4. allan says:

    and i would only talk about guy fieri and his show “dive’s, diners and drive-ins.”

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