February 11, 2011

So, I’m going to continue updating this blog even though the Mystery Hour is on hiatus, be forewarned. I probably won’t for the next week, but look for it. Also, I think I’m going to start a non comedy related blog about my experience trying to make it in Hollywood. So look for that.

So, my last Skinny Improv Mainstage show is Saturday night at 8 pm. You should come. The Mystery Hour has been awesome for me, but really I’ve done about 10 to 1 improv to Mystery Hour shows. Come out to it

After the Mainstage show is the Mystery Hour spinoff show, “So There I Was…Storytelling Series” at Q Enoteca Wine Bar on Commercial Street. The show starts at 10 pm. If you haven’t come to it, you should. It will be my last official show in Springfield. The theme of the night is LOVE, for Valentine’s Day. Michelle and I will be sharing our story.

Here’s the info:

We’ve got some great stories this month, all on the theme of LOVE. In honor of Valentine’s Day we’ll be sharing a variety of stories all around the same worthy theme.So sit tight and fall in love with love all over again.

This month’s storytellers:

-Nate Black and Lauren Wilbur
-Jeff and Michelle Houghton
-Peter Meidlinger and Hue-Ping Chin, professors at Drury
-Mark Geiss and Joanna Small, director of Drury Security & KSPR reporter

-Plus the music of Evan Austin

Our ancestors did it in caves.
Our grandparents did it around card tables.
And we want to do it on Commercial Street… tell good stories.

No rehearsed lines. No special effects. Just people telling true stories that are funny or moving—and probably both. Because stories are what connect us. They remind us who we are. They give us something to do on first dates.

We’ve modeled the event after the wonderful storytelling series The Moth. Here is a link: http://www.themoth.org/

Q Enoteca wine bar is the perfect venue for this little experiment in storytelling. So There I Was is still FREE.
Save your cash for Q-bar’s wine and beer selection.

Free. $0.00. Zero dollars.


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I'm a sometimes writer, actor, comedian and an all the time adventurer.

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